10 best Brazilian movies to watch in 2016

The year 2015 was a landmark for the national cinema. Long filmmakers and short films traveled Brazil and the world presenting their works in exhibitions and festivals so as to make their mark in the history of cinema. This is the achievement of a recognition that goes beyond a symbolic trophy for Best Picture or Best Director, but that can be seen in real-world every day, whether on social networks or on the streets.

Who knew that one of the most talked  movies of today would be a Brazilian production? What Time It Back ?, Anna Muylaert gave and continues giving the talk. But not only was it.For example, The filmmaker Gabriel Mascaro Pernambuco was one of the great Brazilian professionals who has had their work recognized internationally. By Boi Neon , his latest feature film, received the award for best director of hands Francis Ford Coppola in Marrakech Festival, now counting the festivals in Venice, Toronto, Rio and so on.

The truth is that the national cinema beyond the romantic comedy begins to gain momentum, revealing his most authorial side. To show that 2016 will also be a great year, full of expectations and discoveries, check below 20 films already in theaters or will soon debut on the big screen:

1. Pray Legend, Homero Olivetto

Billed from the “Mad Max of the Wild,”  Reza Legend is proof that Brazilian cinema can make a low – budget action movie. Ara (Cauã Reymond) is the leader of a band of armed motorcyclists who believes in a legend that promises to free the people of the region. Conducted a daring feat, eventually arousing the fury of Tenorio (Humberto Martins), which starts a chase to destroy the gang and recover what he believes is rightfully his. During the chase, Laura Young (Luisa Arraes) is rescued from an accident and  required to follow with Ara, arousing jealousy in Severina (Sophie Charlotte). The film premiered in January in theaters and goes poster in every popular cinema hall in Brazil.

2. Elis, Hugo Silver

Andrea Horta as Elis Regina on the set of recordings.
Since it was announced, the biopic of Elis Regina became one of the most anticipated productions. With locations in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, and Paris, Andrea Horta is responsible for reviving the artist on the big screen. Elis  cost more than R $ 8 million and now follows in the final assembly phase. The debut is expected for the second half 2016.

3. The Hinterland of Shaolin, Halder Gomes


Edmilson Son is the Shaolin Hinterland.
For those enchanted and chuckled with Cine Holliúdy , you can not miss the new work of the partnership between Halder Gomes and Edmilson Filho. In comedy clearance director, set in the early 1980s, Aluízio Lee (Edmilson Filho) is fond of martial arts and believes that a true Shaolin, which leads him to be a laughingstock in his hometown, Quixadá. His fantasy world is put to the test when “Toni Tora pleura” (Fábio Goulart), a retired fighter MMA, announced a roadmap of challenges for several cities in the interior of Ceará, including passing the Shaolin city. The film also has the participation of Dede Santana. The premiere of The Backwoods of Shaolin is scheduled for November 24.

4. Luneta time, Alceu Valenca

After being displayed in several art festivals, film and culture, such as the Gramado Film Festival 2014 Festival do Rio 2014 Fliporto, Brazil Circus Festival, and the last Cine PE: Audiovisual Festival, the Luneta time  arrives with great expectations to the commercial circuit. The northeastern musical joins the line, tragedy, humor, betrayal, banditry, and circus to narrate in the rhyming story of Lampião protagonists and Maria Bonita, played by Irandhir Santos and Hermila Guedes. The premiere was on 24 March.

5. Steer Neon, Gabriel Mascaro

Awarded in more than 15 festivals in Brazil and the world, the film of Pernambuco Gabriel Mascaro debuted in ten states in the second week of January. The director says his film as “a research body, light and the transformation of the human landscape.” Behind the scenes of rodeos, Iremar (Julian Cazarré) leads an intense, visceral life, but something inspires it’s for new ambitions: the recent industrialization and pole making clothes in the northeastern semi-arid region. Lying on your network in the back of the truck, his head wanders in sequined dreams, fine fabrics and sketches. The story of a cowboy outlines new desire.

6. World Dog, Marcos Jorge

In his new film, Curitiba Marcos Jorge, of  Stomach  (2007), explores revenge. Adriana Esteves and Lázaro Ramos in the cast,  World film Dog  participated  in the Competition of Première Brazil, the Rio Film Festival. The premiere had taken place on March 10.

7. Aquarius, Kleber Mendonça Filho

Sonia Braga alongside Irandhir Santos.

Appointed by the magazine  Cahiers of cinema as one of the Latin American most anticipated films of 2016, the new film by Kleber Mendonça Filho, with Sonia Braga, Irandhir Santos, Humberto Carrao, Maeve Jinkings and 50 actors, is awaited with anticipation. The plot revolves around Clara (Sonia), a writer 65 years with the power to travel through time. Despite rumors, the filmmaker does not guarantee that the launch happens in 2016, as stated in an interview with Diario de Pernambuco. “There’s no guarantee of that. I am in the assembly process and do not want to rush this process. I would like to leave, but I have no personal plan, “he said.

8. The Boy and the World of Alê Abreu

After being nominated for an Oscar for Best Animated Feature ,  The Boy, and the World gained the attention of commercial movie theaters in Brazil. Suffering from the absence of a father, a boy leaves his village and discovers a fantastical world dominated by silkworms machines and strange beings. An unusual animation with various artistic techniques that depicts the issues of the modern world through a child’s eyes. The film displays in several movie theaters in Brazil.

9. Mother Only One There, Anna Muylaert

“Mother Only one there” Movie Scene There, Anna Muylaert.

After the resounding success with What Time It Back ?,  filmmaker Anna Muylaert is set to release his new film Mother Only One There. Inspired by a true story, the family drama depicts the life of a 16-year-old who goes to live with another family to discover that his foster mother had stolen motherhood. At the same time the moment of family conflicts, the boy also has to deal with internal changes and sexuality issues, reflecting the issue of transgenderism. The film was selected for the Berlin Film Festival this year.

10. For My Beloved Life, Aly Muritiba

Another film that was present in national and international festivals in 2015, bringing more than ten awards this year after coming to theaters. After the loss of his wife Ana, Fernando becomes a quiet, introspective man who takes care of her son Daniel. Every night, while the boy sleeps, he recalls his wife organizing your personal belongings. One day, Fernando discovers a tape that has changed his life. The premiere of For My Beloved Dead is scheduled for the first quarter 2016.

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