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10 reasons that lead teenagers addict with drugs and alcohol

There are several reasons that may lead someone to try alcohol and other drugs; it depends on the needs and impulses of each. But during adolescence, some reasons are quite common, especially the rebellious streak that there are in this age group. Here we highlight eight of them.

1. Curiosity

It is a common feature of youth; all go through this phase. So much discussion about drugs and alcohol, and also its effects can attract young people who are curious as to what these substances can offer.

This may be the opening to a path of no return because the drugs and their feelings can be quite seductive, some even able to indulge in only once in use.

2. Forget problems and frustrations

Stress at school, separation of parents, fights among friends, loss of a loved one. In situations like these teens may gain strength and seem unbearable. Drugs and alcohol offer a possibility of forgetfulness and distraction.

3. Escape from shyness and insecurity

To try and look relaxed until you approach the first crush, the young may find that you need an “incentive” more, and these substances help in disinhibition, and a way to lose the fear of starting a conversation, for example.

4. Need to experience new emotions

Adolescence is known to be a period of many “first times.” That’s because, in addition to the normal growth cycle, young people like to look for new sensations and experiences. For them, everything that gives “emotion” is interesting and attractive.

5. Need a class

At this time of life there is a need for acceptance and being part of a group. They want to fit in a class, and the entry pass for this may have to experiment or make use of a drug or drink alcohol.

6. Identity crisis and escape

As a transitional phase, in many instances can be set to confusion about who your teen is, as it is between childhood and adulthood. Be charged and treated either as a child or as an adult, can leave you confused and become intolerable. The trail for this may be seeking something that makes you “relax” the light to another reality.

7. Lack of prospects

In the same way the frustrations, when no goals and plans, they can get lost and be attracted by these substances. The young need referral and encouragement or seek something that you do not worry about it.

8. Family influence

Especially when the issue is alcohol, the incentive to start may be indoors. One of the keys is in effect, no friends, but family. The young man is growing with the idea that everything is permeated by the drink. It makes no sense to tell him not to drink because it is bad and make full party drinking.

If the young man sees the family freely drinking at any time and losing control, it will have an example. This is very dangerous because the children also reflect the attitudes of parents.

9. Heredity

Studies show that there is a genetic influence on chemical dependency. The World Health Organization (WHO) published a study which demonstrates that this relationship runs from 60% to 80% depending on the drug. And there is another biological aspect: much that happens in the future of a child has not yet learned in the womb. If the mother drinks or uses drugs while pregnant, it awakens a biochemical marker that will make him feel hooked up again experience this substance.

1. Dissatisfaction

It is always important to note that alcohol can be a boost to drugs, especially when the teenager wants to look “cool” to get into some group or if you are experiencing a frustration or dissatisfaction. This may end up causing a feedback loop of addiction. For some, these substances act as an outlet for depression or anxiety, as they bring a well-being feeling and happiness. But then the person back to depress, and have to use the drug again.

Among the group of friends, it is common that the youth did not want to be branded a face to be accepted or, in the case of the timid, who wish to become more uninhibited or agitated.


Our society is hedonistic and extremely dedicated to pleasure, so it is natural that teenagers seek these values instant gratification.

The young man ends up being vulnerable, as the general example highly values the pleasure and it ends up being interested less by issues of law, order, and discipline. Also, it does not have its proper place in the world at this time of life, which is transition. When he is unmotivated, vulnerability to drug use is even greater. And the chance to want to use it for the rest of life when it starts in adolescence is very large.

The drug and alcohol generate slavery within the structure of the cells. Even when you stop, the young man still has memories of addiction and can not return to studies and other activities. He ends up a slave. Although use the first time for experimentation or curiosity, there is great possibility of becoming dependent.

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  • In the same way the frustrations, when no goals and plans, they can get lost and be attracted by these substances. The young need referral and encouragement or seek something that you do not worry about it.