10 steps to open your own shop in Brazil

Have you ever thought about opening your first deal through the internet? The e-commerce sales must register a nominal growth of 12 percent in 2017 to 49.7 billion reais.

This is a market that attracts many entrepreneurs beginners, by factors such as not having to purchase a commercial point and be able to sell to any customer in the world. According to Sebrae, more than 70% of entrepreneurs and commerce are small or medium.

However, you can not think that having an online store is an easy task: many steps must be taken to open a quality e-commerce and then to keep it operating.

Check out the steps to open an online store, with the estimated initial cost at each stage:

1 – Planning and management

According to statistic, half of the success in e-commerce is directly related to the fact that the product or service is really good and solve a major problem of a targeted market. The other half is related to maintaining its activity and profitable online store – joining good planning with efficient management.

For your business project, consider the pains and demands of their future market sector and define the potential market; validate your initial idea to solve such problems; analyze what your competitors already offer and what challenges they face; note which the customer purchase journey; define the positioning of your business including name registration and differential; and rate risks for which you will have to be resolved even undertake.

Option A – Mount a virtual store with the help of organizations such as the Sebrae: zero cost
option B – Learning courses and planning books: R $ 50 to R $ 1,000
Option C – Hiring an agency to set up the plan: R $ 5,000 R $ 10,000

2 – Accounting

It is very important to make the correct tax classification of your business, as different taxes will be collected depend on it. If your online store for selling of goods, for example, the main incident tax is the state tax on sales (ICMS). But if your e-commerce for the provision of services, the tax to be paid is the municipal tax on services (ISS).

Another point to be noted is the taxation system. If revenues do not exceed 60 thousand reais per fiscal year, the entrepreneur can choose to become an individual micro-entrepreneur (MEI). But if your e-commerce has an annual turnover of up to 3.6 million, can opt for the National Simple. If you do not understand the subject, it may be worth consulting someone who specializes, as a counter.

Option A – I myself will open the company: zero cost
option B – Open the Internet company: R $ 500 to R $ 1,500
Option C – Hire an accountant to open the company: R $ 1,500 to R $ 3,000

3 – Platform of Choice

Choosing the ideal platform begins with the definition of the claims of the company and the desired target audience.

You can choose to e-commerce solutions with open source and free or owner of the company code, for example. This can affect the budget of the company, as well as the amount and control of updates to the virtual store over the operating time.

Also, there is how to host the e-commerce infrastructure in its own headquarters ( “in house”) or in a datacenter. Also, elects in a world where more and more consumers buy the cell or a responsive site to smartphones or the development of a 100% native application.

The entrepreneur must also decide whether integrated or not with a marketplace – platform that sells products and services of various brands at the same location, allowing for greater comparison by end customers.

Option A – I myself will set the platform: zero cost
option B – Develop with an agent: R $ 4,000 to R $ 5,000
Option C – Hiring a specialized agency: R $ 5,000 to R $ 20,000

4 – Contents

The content is all your. The users will see when entering your shop. In practice, the content can be divided into “content about the product” (qualified descriptive) and “content dissemination” (encouragement to purchase the products in the store, such as banner ads and working social networks).

Information on the product

To insert a product on your site, you need to produce content as descriptive, technical specifications (fabric, dimensions etc.), guarantees, small demonstration videos, regulation, validity and purchase values.

At the time of registration of any content in e-commerce, review before publishing (beware of the “copy and paste”!). One should also keep a steady job to verify that the information still applies to a certain length of enrollment, especially the price charged. Also, pay attention to the ephemeral promotions and delete items that are no longer in stock.

Option A – I’ll even create content: zero cost
option B – Create along with an agent: R $ 2,000 to R $ 3,000
Option C – Hiring an agency to create: R $ 3,000 to R $ 10,000

Content for disclosure

You can add relevant information in the description of a product and drive sales – for example, say that a garment piece and which serves other parts it combines.This relates to the marketing work on several fronts, such as organic searches (SEO), content marketing, social media and customer relations.

Speaking more specifically of imagistic content: every good visual product helps to sell your product or service. For example, the use of video increases sales by about 30%, according to a statistic.

The most common are the banners, which aims to disseminate your store and generate traffic and negotiations. Do research on what size fits your store and what the price charged on the market.

Finally, be very careful with the homemade pictures: even if they are cheaper, the tones may be different and the consumer feel insecure when shopping in your e-commerce. If you choose to photos that are not a studio, take courses in business or research photography tips on the internet.

Option A – I’ll even beat the first 100 photos: zero cost
option B – Buy 100 photos to produce a bureau: R $ 1,000 to R $ 2,000
Option C – Hiring a photographer and studio for 100 photos: R $ 3,000 to R $ 5,000

5 – validation and fraud

Who has an e-commerce need to take care of two fronts when it comes to fraud: the consumer side, you need to prove that your store is serious; your own hand, you need to be prepared for users who apply blows or try to hack your site.

For the consumer, you can purchase some stamps that guarantee the security of e-commerce. An example is the SSL: a padlock appears at the time of entering the purchase data, and it shows that customer information will be encrypted.

For the entrepreneur, you can hire antifraud tools or have a team dedicated to the topic. Some procedures can be adopted to shield the site, the activation of a “web application firewall” or hiring a fraudulent purchase probability software.

Remember that the responsibility of a fraud always falls on the owner of the store: even if he has delivered the product at the address, you must return the money if the purchase is demonstrably fraudulent. For added data security, it is also good to invest in the third-party payment gateway.

Option A – I myself will validate and take the risk: zero cost
option B – Validate the Internet if the store is 100% ready: R $ 300 to R $ 1,000
Option C – Hiring a company or expert to validate: R $ 2,000 R $ 5,000

6 — Marketing

The goal of digital marketing is to promote actions for the customer to come to your shop and do not leave without purchasing any product or service. The sales conversion in Brazilian e-commerces is lower than that of developed countries is around 1-3% of the visits, according to the statistic.

The marketing of an online store involves three basic stages: acquisition, conversion, and retention.

Acquiring a customer means to take you to your store, generating traffic to your ecommerce. Therefore, it is possible to invest in social strategies (press office of recruitment and relationships with influencers, for example); paid media (e-mail marketing and sponsored links, for example); and SEO (search engine optimization, so that the customer reaches the site organically).

Have to convert a customer, it is essential to research your target audience and understand what his behavior to seek and buy a product or service. Thus, you can make a better investment in traffic acquisition, indexing of the most important terms and production of specific content (called inbound marketing ). Other points of attention are having a good usability of your site and invest in relationships with consumers.

Finally, the retention is concerned to maintain the active customer in the shop, making new purchases. It is a much lower cost than the conversion – therefore invest more in keeping your old customers than to acquire new ones. A good retention tool is to analyze purchasing data and suggest new molded to such shopping habits. Keep a good after-sales, with openness to feedback and effective responses to possible complaints.

Option A – I myself will mount campaigns: zero cost
option B – Create campaigns with an agent: R $ 3,000 to R $ 4,000
Option C – Hiring a specialized agency: R $ 5,000 to R $ 10,000

7 — Backoffice

When opening an online store, you need to integrate it into the systems responsible for financial control, emission of invoices and inventory management, for example. This is the back office : one rear system of its e-commerce operations.

Typically, the  back office is not included in the platform that hosts the site. For up to 30 applications a day, statistic says it’s possible to take a manual control of these areas of the company. Above that, it is recommended to use an enterprise management system (ERP).

There are options with low investment, and as soon as there is integration between back office and platform, the easier it will get used to the administrative control of your business easier. ERP systems can be integrated to banks, payment methods, marketplaces, logistics operators, customer service systems and tax, for example.

Option A – I myself will manage the ERP, spreadsheet: zero cost
option B – Configuring an ERP in the cloud (online): zero cost
option C – Hire an expert to configure ERP: R $ 5,000 to R $ 50,000

Option A – I myself will track sales: zero cost
option B – Use payment methods: zero cost
option C – Making integration my payments via IT: R $ 5,000 to R $ 20,000

8 – Legal

Having a legal advice in time to open and manage an e-commerce is key. Still, there are some terms of use that the entrepreneur should already know beforehand.

For example: the rules for returns and exchanges. In a period of seven days after receiving the product, the customer can withdraw from the purchase. The shop should accept the return and cover the costs, while the consumer is obliged to deliver the product to a new market condition.

In the case of default, the term exchange is up to 30 days after purchase. Finally, the unjustified exchange is not a client of the right guaranteed and should be at the discretion of the owner of the shop.

The entrepreneur must also fulfill some certain obligations in basic legislation on e-commerce and enter some information on the site: complete purchase agreements; electronic and physical addresses; purchase confirmation step; security explanation of the information; Full identification of the supplier; and rules for chargebacks and collective purchases.

Option A – I myself will ride the contracts: zero cost
option B – Buy terms and internet contracts: R $ 1,000 to R $ 2,000
Option C – Hire a lawyer to create contracts: R $ 2,000 to R $ 5,000

9 – Logistics

Logistics is the most “physical” of an e-commerce: for everything to work right after your client make a claim, you need to be familiar with the traditional logistics flow of a virtual store.

Some steps are order entry; initial validation analysis (buying and consistent registration data or not); financial analysis and validation of the payment; Picking (withdrawal request in stock); packaging and label printing with invoice; Conference of purchase data with the product withdrawn from stock; withdrawing the carrier; submission of the application and evaluation of the experience for the consumer.

In the middle of this process are some decisions: you will use the post office or have a fleet? How will the delivery procedures of your product and after sales?

Finally, an attention point is the structure of a reverse logistics: who sell products need to be prepared for possible returns for defects. It is necessary to cancel the tax document issued in the sale and, depending on the defect, the product can be relisted on the stock, for example.

Option A – I myself will store and make deliveries: zero cost
option B – Stock up on me and outsource deliveries: zero cost
option C – Hiring a company to set up the operation: R $ 2,000 to R $ 5,000

10 – Team

To have an e-commerce, the entrepreneur must have knowledge or hire specialized professionals in areas such as compliance, data analysis, design, finance, management, logistics and inventory, marketing and sales and information technology.

This is an expense that can vary greatly according to the skills of the entrepreneur, the company’s size and its line of business. Then we decided not estimate the costs for the area of contracts in its manual.

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  • If you are not making a difference with other people’s life then you are not in the right place..

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