20 Brazilian Movies to watch in 2017

Doubtless 2016 was a milestone for Brazilian cinema. Not just for artistic or technical reasons, but also for politics. Aquarius , Boi Neon and Cinema Novo were the main representatives of Brazil in major festivals and attracted the world’s glances about the past, the present and the future of our Country.

After a hectic season and extremely positive results, expectations for this year are on the rise. Check out below a selection of Assiste Brasil from 25 films, among fictions, biographies, animations and documentaries, to watch in the cinema in 2017 (in order of debut):

1.A Glória e a Graça-The Glory and Grace

Debut Forecast: March 16

Grace is a single woman, mother of two. To find a serious illness, she decides to go after his brother Luiz Carlos, who, because of a fight, not seen for 15 years. When they meet, Grace is surprised to come across Glory-a transvestite who ceased to be Luiz Carlos and lives long been a completely different life.

2. A família Dionti-The family Dionti

Debut Forecast: March 30

In this film which mixes the fantastic and reality, a mother falls in love, evaporates and disappears. Joshua dreams of the return of the woman every rain, while creating alone two children: Serino, which is dry and cries grains of sand, and Kelton, which melts with the arrival of Sofia, a circus girl.

3. Fala sério, Mãe! – Come on, Mom!

Debut Forecast: April 6

Another book Talita Rebouças will be adapted for the big screen. In “Speak! Seriously, Mom,” Ingrid Guimarães and Larissa Manoela living mother and daughter, trying to understand during the most difficult time of the girl’s life: adolescence.

4. Joaquim – Joaquim

Debut Forecast: April 20

The story of what led Joaquim José da Silva Xavier, a common dental Minas Gerais, to become Tiradentes, becoming an important national hero and martyr who came to lead the popular uprising known as the Minas Conspiracy. Nominated for a Golden Bear in Berlin.

5. O rastro – O trail

Debut Forecast: May 18

John (Rafael Cardoso) is a physician chosen to coordinate the removal of patients from an old hospital about to be disabled. On the night of the transfer, a ten year old girl disappears without a trace. The more John approaches the truth, the more he plunges into a dark universe, which should never be revealed.

6. Amor.com

Debut Forecast: June 1

A famous fashion blogger and an unknown youtuber games fall in love and their relationship turns fever in the network. However, both will have to learn to deal with their feelings outside the virtual world that love works out.

7. Divinas Divas – divine Divas

Debut Forecast: June 22

Divine Divas addresses the first generation of transvestite artists from Brazil. Rogéria, Valeria, Jane Di Castro, Camille K, Fujica Holliday, Eloína, Marquesa and Brigitte Búzios formed in the 1970s, the group witnessed the culmination of a 02 Cinelandia full of cinemas and theaters. The film will follow the reunion of artists for aa mounting a show, bringing to the scene the stories and memories of a generation that revolutionized sexual behavior and challenged the morals of an era.

8. Meus 15 anos – My 15 years

Debut Forecast: June 29

After winning a big birthday party for 15 years, Bia (Larissa Manoela) has threatened his night when Jessica, a jealous colleague school class attend the event.

9. Lino

Debut Forecast: July 20

Lino is an exciting party that is fed up with his job because he has to wear every day a hideous fantasy of a giant cat and always hold the same routine mistreatment of children. Tired of everything and trying to get rid of the bad luck that haunts him, Linus decides to seek the help of Don Leon, a supposed “wizard” that makes him precisely what he most wanted to get rid: your own costume.

10. The film of my life

Debut Forecast: August 3

American father and Brazilian mother, the young Tony is back in town of Remanso, where his family took up residence. He entered the school as a teacher and finds himself grappling with adolescent students. Between toasts and celebrations, revelations are made, loves materialize and decisions are made that make Tony becoming an adult man. Directed by Selton Mello.

11. Malasartes and the duel with death

Debut Forecast: August 10

“Malasartes and Duel with Death” is a comedy about the adventures of Pedro Malasartes, traditional character of the Latin American folklore that lives of small tricks. Gaiato buck, Malasartes will have to face two great enemies: Prospero, who will do anything to prevent her sister Aurea date a lazy fellow, discouraged and worthless as Malasartes; and the very incarnate Death, who wants to take a vacation after two thousand years claiming lives and intends to deceive Malasartes for him to take the tedious job instead.

12. Bingo – O rei das manhãs – Bingo – The King of the morning

Debut Forecast: August 24

Inspired by the life of Arlindo Barreto, the film takes the story to theaters of Augustus, an artist who dreams of his place in the spotlight. A great chance arises to become “Bingo,” a presenter clown of a children’s program on television that is absolute success. However, a clause in the contract allows not reveal who the man behind the mask. Augustus, the “King of the Morning,” is the most famous anonymous Brazil.

13.Se a vida começasse agora – If life started now

Debut Forecast: August 31

Rio de Janeiro, 1985. An entrepreneur is trying at all costs to create the biggest music festival in Brazil, Rock in Rio, gathering funds for the project. At the same time, an inexperienced journalist achievement the possibility to follow a great musical event. On site, he meets the bela Magda, a big fan of Freddie Mercury. The paths of the three cross over several editions of Rock in Rio.

14. O grande circo místico – Or great mystical circus

Debut Forecast: September 7

Amid the universe in a traditional Austrian family, owner of Grand Circus Knieps was born an improbable romance between an aristocrat and an acrobat. This is the picture of the 100 years of the Grand Circus and the five generations of the same family who estivem ahead of the show with his fantastic stories. Based on the eponymous poem by Jorge de Lima.

15. Como se tornar o pior aluno da escola – How to become the worst school student

Debut Forecast: September 7

Inspired by the book Danilo Gentili, the film brings the young Bruno Munhoz and Daniel Pimentel as students and Pedro Bernardo, who find themselves divided between the school obligations, the need to get good grades and have good behavior. After moments of frustration, Peter finds in the school bathroom a daily contaminated with tips for setting up the chaos at school without being noticed. The notebook will take the boys on a journey that can awaken them or ruin them forever.

16. Historietas assombradas para crianças malcriadas – Comics haunted for naughty children

Debut Forecast: October 12

The number of Brazilian animation that is success on Cartoon Network will win his first feature film in 2017. “Comics” tells the story of a boy who lives several supernatural adventures while helping her grandmother, a witch who sells magical artifacts on the Internet.

17. O juízo – The judgment

Debut Forecast: October 26

“The Judgment” is a supernatural horror film that shows a revenge 200 years, referring to the time of slavery. Fernanda Montenegro.

18. Nada a perder – Parte 1 – Nothing to lose – Part 1

Debut Forecast: November 2

The life of Bishop Edir Macedo, founder manager of the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God and TV Record owner. Macedo will be played by Petrônio Gontijo.

19. Talvez uma história de amor – Maybe a love story

Debut Forecast: December 7

Virgil comes home after work and listen to the message from Clara, the answering machine, communicating the relationship of the end of two. The only problem is that Virgil is single and has no idea who is Clara.

20.Depois a louca sou eu – After the mad Statement

Debut Forecast: December 28

Júlia Rezende directs the adaptation of the book of Tati Bernardi, who narrates with sincerity and good humor the difficulties of a life marked by anxiety.

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