6 customs of Brazil that are offensive in other countries


Everyone knows that in different countries have different custom. But when we are somewhere that is not our country; it is difficult to guess what may or may not be done. This is because even some of the most innocent customs of Brazil can be understood as a grossness out of here.

It seems exaggerated, isn’t it? But you surely commit some faux pas in places whose culture has nothing to do with ours, as in the Middle East and Asian countries, for example. Even a grip tighter hands can be understood as an offense, you know?

And the list of customs of Brazil that shock the rest of the world did not stop there. Our knack bothers, especially as the time we usually get our commitments. And what about that craze to add sauces such as ketchup, everything that we eat?

This can be more a disaster if done in foreign lands. Now, even better is to check our list to the end, because much of what you do at home and think normal may generate even find elsewhere in the world. Want to see?

Check 6 customs of Brazil that are offensive in other countries:

1. Being late

If half an hour late is a completely tolerable Brazil’s customs, even at work, out here, the thing is not so. It is not just the British who are known for fierce punctuality.

In Germany, for example, let someone waiting is one of the rudest things you can do. Better way to get even some minutes before.

2. Tipping

In Asian countries such as Japan and South Korea, to tip for the person who is serving, you can be understood as an offense. Although this is a custom of Brazil considered pleasant, in the case of the Japanese, for example, they refuse the money and may even return to you to let some trocadinhos on the table, as usual.

But this is not the only oddity that Asians tend to have day-to-day. As you have seen in this other matter, many other habits of these people can be intriguing.

3. Make “Gem.”

Although an innocent gesture in Brazil, in many Middle Eastern countries, this signal is something offensive and amounts to showing the middle finger here. Even better is not to go around making gestures in these cultures of places many of ours. Just smile.

4. Chewing gum in public

Another of the customs of Brazil that can leave you in trouble out there is the habit of going around chewing gum. In Singapore, for example, besides being impolite to do this, you will still be subject to pay a fine equivalent to 1000 actual, if you spit on the street. In fact, in this country, chewing gum import is prohibited there for a long time.

5. Eat anywhere

You know when you go out late, and it takes a little something to eat? Outside Brazil, this can be seen with bad eyes. Eating on the street, on buses and in other public places, which do not serve food, is considered a rude behavior in Rwanda. Even ice cream may be disapproved.

6. Add spices and sauces to food

One of the customs of Brazil that almost everyone does put a little more spice in food,like pepper sauce or ketchup. Spain and Japan, for example, if you do it can cause discomfort. In Italy, incidentally, put ketchup on pizza is almost an insult!

Then, the tip is: if the seasoning or sauce is not on the table, better not ask!

  • The things is which is common in brazil in outside countries it’s offensive.

  • I live in portugal but things are common my country too.

  • This kind of manners we should teach our children for the future. We really do this kind of things what another cultures people feels awkward.

  • Here is the most common thing is being late in office, schools, and other places. If we use our time wisely we will progress more.

  • This is gonna be another educational post if you ignore those things in future people of other countries will thought better for us.

  • Nem todos! Apenas alguns brasileiros fariam esse comportamento

  • sometimes it’s odd sometimes it’s fun. But everyone has his own way to do work. Some people become late comers after getting a success and some people doesn’t go in time due to his habit.

  • I don’t care what other countries people think about my country. It’s our habit and culture if they live here they must follow us as we do if we visit there country.

  • I am a foodie girl. SO where I go I eat. Not matter what other people thinking. That’s my way. Nothing wrong in that. If I eat and feed someone who is with me. That would be a better way to do any work.

  • These habits can’t change in one day because we do this mistakes everyday but we don’t think it’s a mistake. We just do. Because noone cares about it.

  • I haven’t thought that our this kind of simple habits would be offensive in another nations.

  • I live in Uruguay and I do such things everyday in my life nothing offensive here.

  • Some of this reasons comes through our natural cause. Because we do what we see around of us. If someone sneezes and not cover his mouth with handkerchief that could be offensive for other beside him. So we should take care of what is around us and behave like a decent guy.

  • Feeling offend is each one own mind setup. If you abuse your friend he won’t mind but if you abuse any unknown person you may got kick in your ass. Depends on do whom you are insulting.

  • There is many country who has plenty of worst habits like drink urine as morning tea, use fish bone as toothpick, and many more, I think Brazilians are very much decent in this sense.

  • Ah! What is offensive here I don’t see. Pretty useless post this is !!!

  • I am proud to born in Brazil. what is the other people thinking I don’t care about them,

  • Brazilians have more offensive things than this. But I don’t think this habit would offend anyone.

  • Uff this kind of senseless article makes me offend.

  • Adding spice in bread or any fast food to make it tasty.

  • This is vary from country to country which feels offensive or which feels comfortable. Not only one’s choice at all here.

  • This is really a funny post. How our daily habits makes someones offend. make no sense

  • I don’t think chewing gum in public is a offensive thing

  • If eating anywhere is a offensive thing than I am offensive…

  • British people are the best in behavior………..

  • Why did the stoner cross the street?

    His dealer lived on the other side.