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7 amazing places in Brazil to visit in 2017

New year, new trip. We want to start in 2017 helping you in inspiration: we list seven amazing places for you in Brazil to visit this year. And it’s never too remember if you want to travel more in the next 12 months, It’s time to plan now – who leave to the last minute will pay more in the passages.

Capitol, MG

I have no idea how it started, but if you have a Brazilian destination that dominated the 2016 social networks that target was Capitol. Never heard of it? Yeah. This town with 9000 inhabitants, 290 km from Belo Horizonte was almost omnipresent on Facebook – saw numerous pictures from there. Many of whom spent in the region, but most people who saw the pictures and wanted to know where the hell is that beautiful place.

Trails, waterfalls, canyons, gazebos and ponds of indescribable colors, all formed around the Lake of Furnas, created by the dam of the same name in 1963. During the following decades, this region – called by many of Mines Sea – spent It is dominated by luxury condominiums, clubs and other businesses, but now it seems that Capitol will be discovered as a tourist destination at the national level. I do not know, but this is one of the first trips I intend to do this year.

Valley of the Vineyards, RS

Everyone thinks in London, but the coolest part of Rio Grande do Sul is the Vineyards Valley region surrounding the cities of Bento Gonçalves, Garibaldi and Monte Belo de Sul, just over two hours from Porto Alegre. Wineries not just more, colonial mansions, beautiful scenery and great restaurants. That’s what you find there.

Get off at Porto Alegre, the state capital short for a few days and then go to Bento – the idea is to rent a car, but you can go by bus. Spend at least three days in the region. Time left? Next to Gramado and Canela is easy – just two hours drive. It is so close that many lawn agencies offer a tour of the Valley of the Vineyards in the knock-back scheme, which is a mistake. The Valley deserves an entire trip just for him.



I was in Goiás last year to meet a special corner of Brazil: Chapada dos Veadeiros. And although recommend (and) this trip, I’ll leave a tip for another piece of Goiás that looks amazing but have not visit yet . Take the tickets to Brasilia usually cheap, get off at the federal capital and then to know the city, leave the Federal District and continue for 150 km, the BR-070 until Pirenópolis, the historic city in full savanna.

And if you get there, the City of Goiás, World Historical and Cultural Heritage according to UNESCO, is 168 km away from you. From there, just follow four hours to the south of the country, to get in Goiania. Have you more time? Well, Caldas Novas just got closer to you. And you can still match the Chapada and its waterfalls, which is attractive for at least a week away. He realized as Goiás and the Federal District render a full month of vacation?


Curitiba area

We talked several times about Foz do Iguaçu, one of the most beautiful destinations in the world you can visit. Also because Foz is the world and involves three countries in one trip. This time, however, the focus is Curitiba and its surroundings, another trip that is at the top of my list of priorities for the year started.

Besides the capital, know Morretes, the historic town 67 kilometers away. The best way to get there is on the train ride through the Serra do Mar, a centenary stretch, and 110 km. Enjoy the same day to meet Antonina, another historic city and is close to Morretes. Who wants to finish on the beach can stretch the trip and catch a ferry to the Ilha do Mel.


Backpacking the northeast

Are the short distances that make it perfect for mochilões Europe. No matter where you are in the Old Continent, there are always amazing cities in a few hours away. Well, the same thing happens in the northeast. Want to see? Take a flight to Aracaju, Sergipe. Maceió, Alagoas, is just 278 km from you, with a lot of cool destinations along the way.

Maceio to Recife in Pernambuco is only 261 km away, and along the way has places like São Miguel dos Milagres, Maragogi, Carneiros Beach and Porto de Galinhas . Recife to Joao Pessoa, Paraiba, are measly 120 km; while there for Christmas are only 189 km. The idea for 2017: making a backpack for one month through the northeastern beaches. And you can still fit Bahia, Ceara, Piaui and Maranhao. It can be rented car, own or by bus. There is a way. And it would be beautiful.


Cambara do Sul, RS

Yes, you’ll have the Rio Grande do Sul again! This time to meet Cambara do Sul, a city 190 kilometers from Porto Alegre and only 114 Lawn. This is the gateway to two beautiful places: the Aparados National Park of Serra and Serra Geral National Park, where the canyons Itaimbezinho and Fortaleza,

Can you match the same trip where you will meet the Valley of the Vineyards, Gramado, Canela and the rest of the Serra Gaucha? To give. But try to spend a few nights in Cambara do Sul region is that the visibility of the canyons is not guaranteed. – Your chances increase if you stay longer there.


Manaus (and Amazon)

The Amazon is amazing. I’ve been in Belém and Marajó Island, Pará, and I became a fan of culture, gastronomy, and places in the state. This year, the focus is to arrive in Manaus and know a little more of the Amazon culture. But fate in the north, frankly, it does not matter so much – what matters is that the Brazilian traveler discovers our forest.

You can do this from Manaus, Belem, Rio Branco or any northern capital. Tickets prices starting from the south and southeast are not the cheapest, it is true, but keep in mind that we are talking about longer flights.

Also, you can use North as a cheaper outlet for other countries, the United States to the Caribbean. How about spending a few days in Manaus, know the surroundings and boat roam the largest rivers in the world, then from there to Caribbean seas, taking advantage of the passages more into account? It sounds like a good plan.


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    Santa Catarina also has incredible destinations! I live on the coast and there are many beautiful landscapes to meet here, it is worth.

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  • Goiás is one of the best place to visit in brazil. I do have visited one. had a great experienced.

  • The Amazon is amazing. I’ve been in Belém and Marajó Island, Pará, and I became a fan of culture, gastronomy, and places in the state. This year, the focus is to arrive in Manaus and know a little more of the Amazon culture. But fate in the north, frankly, it does not matter so much – what matters is that the Brazilian traveler discovers our forest.

  • The destination in Rio Grande do Sul is very cheap and easy to travel. I had that experience last year. me and my wife enjoyed the best time in our entire life. vert very mind fresh places

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