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How much does it cost to get plastic surgery in Brazil?

How much does it cost to get plastic surgery in Brazil?

Today, making a plastic surgery can not be longer considered as “rich thing.” Increasingly, you can find clinical quality with affordable prices and the possibility of payment of 12 to 48 times by check or credit card where the packages in addition to surgery are also already included hospital costs, anesthesia and postoperative. Although there is no accuracy or reference table cost of a particular plastic surgery, for those who are curious, below the average price used with some reputable clinics in Brazil, but it is worth remembering that the prices may vary and VERY, this due the type of surgery to be performed, region of the country, clinic, and chosen plastic surgeon … check!

Costs of the plastic surgery

That’s what counts most when it comes to stipulate the price of plastic surgery. The professional must have proven knowledge to win the title of expert, not only the ability to perform surgery.

One way to identify the best plastic surgeon is listening to what their former patients are saying. This is because no one will indicate or speak well of someone offering a bad service.

Another point to note is that doctors who are real specialists always meet many patients!

And it’s no wonder that the surgeons Plastic Dream live with busy schedules: those looking for quality professionals, achievement results even better.

After that, they seek their place in the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery, the most renowned institution of the segment, which all our doctors are members.

When searching for a clinic to fulfill his dream, you expect to find a place to bring you security, that has trained professionals, and all items essential for the surgery are included in the total amount. Without bringing surprises or expenses that were out of your budget.

The Dream Plastic know it’s hard to find great service with a benefit cost that fits in the pocket patients. Therefore, the purpose of Plastic Dream clinic is bringing the best of surgery affordable.

The beauty is available to all! This is the major focus of the clinic that receives compliments daily from their satisfied patients.

Negotiate the price and get cheaper options can even be tempting, but remember:

The Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery says that the value of surgery goes far beyond the cost of the surgeon. The amount is included fees of anesthesia needed; the installation will be carried out where the surgical procedure and possible costs of preoperative routines.

So if you find a clinic with the price much below standard, we recommend that you review and if all the items necessary to perform plastic surgery success are included and are offered the best way.

After all, you do not want to risk the cheap get expensive. Isn’t it? For your pocket can even be lighter, but their health and safety will be certainly compromised.

And what value usually charges in a procedure?

In fact, according to Article 3 of CFM Resolution No. 1.836 / 2008 “The physician, after diagnostic procedures and therapeutic indication as to establish the value and the method of recovery of their fees, observing contained in the Code of Medical Ethics, referring to professional compensation. ”

That is, the fact that the budget can only be informed after the on-site assessment because only with it can be determined what will be done and therefore what value should be charged.

What can be noted is the AVERAGE of the basic price for a surgery done with quality and in a well-structured hospital.But, of course, that without considering the combination with other cosmetic procedures, extra accessories, and services.

Average price for plastic surgery

In fact, it is impossible to say precisely how much cost a plastic surgery, this answer only who can say is the plastic surgeon.

As has been said, the cost of plastic surgery is closely related to the diagnosis that the doctor will review the patient in consultation. Only after this time is possible to know what the procedure will be performed.

You must be wondering: So how can know the average values?

To help you in this important process, we separate the average price of plastic surgery most sought after by women. Check below!

How much cost a silicone prosthesis?

Dissatisfaction with breast size makes low self-esteem, affect sexuality and also time to choose an outfit. To disguise this problem, women abuse bras with bulges. But even that is not enough.

The breast augmentation has become the most popular surgery for women. Through this aesthetic and surgical procedure, it is easier to find a dress in the neck be valued, especially if the format heart or strapless.

The average price of Breast Augmentation with Silicone Implants ranges from R$ 8,200.00 to R$ 20,123.00

How much does a breast reduction surgery?

How much does a breast reduction surgery

Who have large breasts know the problems they can cause, such as back pain, difficulty finding clothing and aesthetic problems?

The breast reduction removes excess breast tissue. Women who undergo this type of surgery are rid of health problems. And the result is firmer breasts and a much better quality of life!

The average price of Breast Reduction or mastopexy (breast reduction) ranges from R$ 8,900.00 to R$ 17,289.00

Average price mastopexy with Silicone Implants

The mastopexy is nothing more than a procedure to lift the breasts. Women suffer from sagging breasts due to changes occurring in the body, often because of breastfeeding, genetics or aging.The gain and loss of weight can also be a factor, in addition to hormonal changes which can also interfere with the symmetrical or firmness of the breasts.There is the need for silicone prosthesis implantation in fall cases of breast associated with insufficient breast volume.

The average price of mastopexy with silicone prosthesis ranges from R $ 9,500.00 to R $ 15,875.00

How much cost of a tummy tuck? 

How much does a tummy tuck

Win a flatter tummy is the dream of many women, especially those who have gone through pregnancy. Who suffers from sagging belly knows dare the clothes it is something that is very far from reality.If this is your case, you certainly dreams of traveling to the beach and use the most beautiful bikini season. And this time, you will not even remember to use sarong or be embarrassed when you sit in the chairs because there will be no excess skin on your tummy.

Abdominoplasty is a surgery that removes excess skin, sagging fat deposits, and stretch marks. More than that, surgery meets the abdominal rectus, eliminating the appearance of “expansion” of the abdomen.

The average price of Abdominoplasty (abdominal surgery) ranges from R$ 8,800.00 to R$ 14,299.00

How much cost of liposuction?

If you want to have a curvy body and wear those clothes that are stored a long time in your wardrobe, you probably dream of a liposuction.This surgery is the bonus of such dedication in the gym, as you know that, despite the efforts, some love handles insist on staying.Therefore, the procedure seeks to eliminate the fat located in various regions of the body, such as arm, thigh, stomach, among others. Leaving the beautiful and outlined silhouette.Liposuction is one of the most sought after by women. It can be performed on various body parts.However, it is important to emphasize that it is not suitable for those who are overweight.

The average price of liposuction varies from R$ 8,500.00 to R$ 13,750.00

How much cost of an intimate surgery?

The intimate surgery brings improvements in self-esteem and sexual life of the patient. The appearance of female genitalia may influence and also welfare cause discomfort during sexual intercourse.The interested patient can reduce the labia minora or make a liposuction of the Mount of Venus, which allows harmonizing the pubic appearance of bulky vaginas.

The average price of Ninfoplastia or Labiaplasty (Intimate surgery) ranges from R$ 6,600.00 to R$ 10,850.00

How much cost of an otoplasty?

If you suffer from floppy ears, of course, already tired of tidying techniques to hide or disguise their ears. And listen to nasty comments of your friends, acquaintances and even family members, is one thing you can not take anymore!The otoplasty surgery aims to correct the cosmetic changes the format of the ear, leaving it with natural and harmonious appearance. The risk of the procedure is too small.

The average price of otoplasty (protruding ear surgery) ranges from R$ 6,000.00 to R$ 10,399.00

How much cost of a blepharoplasty?

There’s no way to hide the face; it is in plain sight. Therefore, those who suffer from wrinkles, dark circles and imperfections in the eye areas seeking various ways to soften the appearance of old age.But even using anti-wrinkle creams over time is difficult to prevent the lids from falling or from forming pockets of fat in this region.Blepharoplasty is a surgical procedure known to correct and return the beauty to the eye region. This plastic surgery is considered safe, and its effect lasts a long time.
The average price of blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery)ranges from R$ 5,800.00 to R$ 8,050.00

How much cost of a rhinoplasty?

Plastic surgery of the nose, also known as rhinoplasty, aims to reshape the nose, correct aesthetic or functional imperfections of the region.Those looking for this surgery know that taking a profile photo or side becomes a great moment of torture. Therefore, this procedure is much sought to make the most aesthetically beautiful face, stirring in the size or shape of the nose.

The average price of Rhinoplasty (nose surgery) ranges from R$ 7,500.00 to R$ 13,595.00

How much cost of a Facelift surgery

The skin is more flaccid with the years, and this is no different when we speak of the face. The double chin, or the famous “double chin,” is an aesthetic nuisance afflicting men and women, one of the main indicators of age.

To correct this problem and stretch the skin in the region, many people seek plastic surgery Facelift. In this case, incisions are made behind the ear and stretch the skin and muscle of the neck.
The average price of Rhytidectomy or Facelift ranges from R$ 8,800.00 to R$ 15,000.00

Average price of Mentoplasty

Having an aesthetically harmonious face is the desire of many men and women. So when the jaw is too small, this problem causes great discomfort.In this case, the Mentoplasty surgery is the inclusion of a solid silicone graft or a bone segment of the mandible removed. The procedure is considered simple.

The average price of Mentoplasty (chin augmentation with silicone prosthesis) ranges from R$ 6,200.00 to R$ 10,999.00

How much cost of a Gluteoplastia?

How much does a Gluteoplastia

Every Brazilian woman dreams of the perfect butt: Durinho outlined and bulky. However, not all born with that ass!To achieve “empinadinho butt” women have resorted to plastic surgery to increase the butt. The technique is relatively simple and avoids apparent leave scars.

The average price of Gluteoplastia (increased butt with silicone prosthesis) ranges from R$ 10,900.00 to R$ 16,590.00

Note: the figures quoted above are an average local price that operates through the whole security protocol with surgeries performed by professional members of the Brazilian Society and fully equipped hospitals. Research conducted in February 2017.

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