Mini Miss Amazonas, Maria Eduarda Braga wins Mini Miss Brazil Talent 2016

The Mini Miss Brazil Talent crown, the vote of the wizard of Brazilian Evandro misses hazzy and the right to compete in the Miss Universe Mini range in Eurodisney, headquartered in Paris, in 2017. These were the achievements of Mini Miss Amazonas 2016 Maria Eduarda Braga, just five years old, to participate in the “Beauty Fashion Brazil” competition, which took place 25-27 August in Campo Grande (MS).

“She was prepared to have fun and give her best. The journey had to be more pleasurable than any result achieved, “celebrates with the girl’s mother, a caretaker Suymara Braga. “It was cool because it also taught various concepts that maybe she at the age of five do not absorb quickly,” he adds. The event took place on the theme Baroque kingship, time of brocades, luxury, and shine. “Kings and queens parading during the four-day event,” she says.

The day of the coronation took place on the 27th, where 17 girls began to parade in their categories. The track that Maria Eduarda won was because of her artistic talent on the piano. “She was also Top 10,” said the girl’s mother. “In the Mini and Youth categories children paraded two costumes: Princess and gala. The princess chosen by Duda was Snow White. All come and parade their typical or princess costumes, “add Suymara.


After the general parade, the dresses were replaced by full regalia. “All the dresses were designed by stylist Kaleb Aguiar. The dress was all black and decorate with jeweled green. All the versatility of the baroque drama designed for the children’s world. She was top 10 and confided to me that was thrilled to hear his name by the voice of Evandro hazzy, president of the jury, “puts Braga.

In phases the big night, all candidates paraded together. Then one by one paraded with the title of their respective states in gala dress. The jury elected the Top 10, then the Top 5 and then disseminate the most voted. The vote is on time and live. Time to show artistic talent, Duda chose to play the piano and sing. “At the piano played ‘Toothpicks Jazz’, coordinated by Professor Aline Rodrigues Piano & Music School and danced ballet to the music from the soundtrack of the movie ‘Beauty and the Beast’, with choreography teacher Amanda Santos Backstage school,” she says to the mother.

Emotion and memory

In the evening of the second day of the competition (26), took place the ball of royalty, the day had a touch more excitement. “Day which were symbolically crowned by their state ranges. On that day they announced the talent ranges. We had a deadline for delivery is arriving there the judges released the results by category. It was a magical night. Father’s Birthday D, Durval Braga Neto who won a special gift, “recalls Suymara.

“It was an anxiety because we did not know that the result would come out on Friday. It was a huge thrill. Maria Eduarda created a great expectation to perform the tests and the results will confirm not only the aesthetic side, but also the children’s talent. The own national coordinator Edenir Vaz asked for mothers would encourage the various forms of art and culture daily .We really have cool art, talent walk side by side with the beauty, “he said Suymara. The contest has local coordination of Lucius Gonçalves.