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Brazil is a potential country. Anything can be possible here. Starting a business in Brazil is a tough job to do because the competition is everywhere, everyone is running with his goal and trying to beat another. When I thought to start a business, I didn’t think that am I going to beat them, or they are going to beat me on business. As an entrepreneur, my first challenge was What to do and how to start. Because I didn’t have any large amount of investment and not have much of business knowledge, but I knew that if I strict with one way, I will reach my goal. After a long research, I found a business which pretty much popular and I can start it with low investment. But the business was highly competitive. But I knew if I provide quality products I will be on track for a long time. So I started a t-shirt business which doesn’t need a large amount of investment and no need for a shop.

How did I get the idea of business?

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I was very much expert in graphics, and I like to make my design own. I made designs for banner, poster, logo, etc. for the local customers. One day I thought why don’t I make my own t-shirt design. I made one and shared the design on Facebook and Twitter to all my friends. They liked the design and asked me to print the design. I don’t have any materials or machines to print my design on a t-shirt, that’s why I started to find the company which can give me a t-shirt with my own design. After a long searching and I found Tampa custom t-shirt printing services who can give me the t-shirt with my own design. I ordered ten t-shirts for the first time. They charged me around $80 bucks. I lived in Brazil so I though it will take more than two weeks, but after five days the delivery man came to my house with a parcel and told me it’s from Tampa t-shirt printing. I surprised that moment how they deliver within five days. The clothes were cotton and smooth. I really like that kind of clothes.I got 10 t-shirts for 80 bucks I could sell them around 200 bucks in my area. Then I got an idea why don’t I start my won business with this company. Then I started to make more designs and ordered 100 t-shirt which costs around $750. There was another offer in this company that if you ordered more, you would get best discounts. Ten t-shirts were for $80 bucks, 100 t-shirts for $750. As more, you order as best discount you will have. Less than a week I got the delivery and started to find where will I get the best price because I had to sell it to the retailers. Searching locally was difficult than searching online.

How much profit I made in the first month?

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When I started to find retailers they were too smart to buy from the middle man I had to convinced them. I sold the t-shirt around $1000 and got $250 profit. Then I made an order for 500 t-shirts and got 7% of discount from regular price. In the first month, my profit was around 1000 dollar. I really was happy to start the business with $80 investment and got $1000 benefit from the first month. Then I started to sell my t-shirt on the online marketplace like ali-express, Amazon, eBay, etc. Online business is easier than local just you need fix everything for the first time. Then you will get orders from buyers and deliver them on time. But always care about the quality of the products if you deliver low-quality products to any customers then that customers will never return to you.

Now I am gonna tell about the company which I deal with. They are very much professional to deliver quality products on time within low price and also care about customer choice. When I first ordered them, they took the design and sent me some of their templates that where gonna I want to put the design like in front or back or the sleeve. They are very fast to reply my messages when I emailed them I got the answer within an hour.

How do I contact them and give orders?

There is two step to get your custom design t-shirt into your hand.

  1. Go to and fill it with your name, email, contact number, provide your product information, shipping address, delivery date, etc.
  2. Submit this form and wait for the response. A few minutes or hours need to get the response then they will provide you the price and delivery details and how long it will take to get the products into your hand.

This process takes less than a week to get you the products. I guaranty that if you take the service once then, you will never go for another company for your t-shirt design.


If you have an idea to do something better you can do if others can get help from your idea. When comes to business always think like a buyer. Will you buy your products?
What will people get the benefit? Always think about the customer’s choices. Be strict in your dream. Hard work and honesty is the key to success. Never give up and do if you think it right then does never listen to others.

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  • I’ve sold more than 458 t-shirts, tanks, sweaters and long sleeves within 4 months. I am a teenager who design things that teens nowadays really like.

  • I’ve sold more than 458 t-shirts, tanks, sweaters and long sleeves within 4 months. I am a teenager who design things that teens nowadays really like.

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