The 20 best Brazilian songs of the last 100 years

We ask our readers and contributors which the best Brazilian songs of the last 100 years. More than 300 songs were cited by about 7 thousand participants. From the responses, we prepared a list of 21 who obtained more quotes. In order to give greater scope to the research, it was adopted as a criterion to include only music by artist, as some emplacariam names more than one song among the 21 selected. The songs follow different styles and were written at different times and historical contexts. The order is chronological, not setting, therefore, the importance of each track position.

The poll revealed not only the greatness of Brazilian music, as well as the refined musical taste of our always helpful readers and contributors. Idiosyncratic and debatable as any other list, this selection is not intended to be comprehensive or definitive and serves only as a sample of the large music collection that the history of country music holds, reflecting solely the views of the research participants.

White Wing (1947)
Composer: Humberto Teixeira and Luiz Gonzaga
Performer: Luiz Gonzaga

I know I will love you (1958)
Composer: Vinicius de Moraes and Tom Jobim
Performer: Vinicius de Moraes and Tom Jobim

Chega de saudade (1959)
Composers: Vinicius de Moraes and Tom Jobim
Performer: João Gilberto

Panis et Circus (1968)
Composition: Caetano Veloso
Performer: Os Mutantes

Construction (1971)
Composer: Chico Buarque
Performer: Chico Buarque

Sad Bahia (1972)
Composer: Caetano Veloso
Performer: Caetano Veloso

Black nightshade (1972)
Composer: Luiz Galvão and Moraes Moreira
Performer: New Baianos

Ambulant Metamorphosis (1973)
Composition: Raul Seixas
Performer: Raul Seixas

Roses do not speak (1974)
Composer: Top Hat
Performer: Top Hat

Western Caboclo (1987)
Composer: Renato Russo
Performer: Renato Russo

Ideology (1988)
Composer: Cazuza / Frejat
Performer: Cazuza

Atomic Maracatu (1996)
Composers: Nelson Jacobina and Jorge Mautner
Interpreter: Zombie Nation and Chico Science

Diary of a prisoner (1997)
Composer: Jocenir
Performer: Rational MC

The samba curse (2003)
Composer: Marcelo D2 and Ze Gonzales
Performer: Marcelo D2

Mister Niterói (2004)
Composer: Black Alien
Interpreter: Black Alien

Listlessness (2005))
Composers: Alec Haiat and Sky
Performer: Heaven

There is no love in SP (2011)
Composers: Kleber Cavalcante Gomes
Performer: Criolo

She is black stripe (2013)
Composers: Arnaldo Antunes, B. Aguiar, F. Lamb, Lue and Manoel Cordeiro.
Performer: Philip Lamb

Zero (2015)
Compositor: Biker
Intérprete: Baker

The wife of the end of the world (2015)
Composers: Romulo Fróes and Alice Coutinho
Performer: Elza Soares