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Top 10 attractions in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

There really is no place like Rio de Janeiro. The Brazilian city continues to attract millions of people each year, offering its guests the memorable cultural experiences and many tourist attractions of Rio de Janeiro.With the famous beaches, tropical landscapes, lush forests and captivating story, there really limit to what this amazing city has to offer. In this selection are highlighted the 10 tourist attractions of Rio de Janeiro.


For those who are looking for a cultural experience away from the sun, the Instituto Moreira Salles certainly fits. The beautiful cultural center nonprofit is the epicenter of Brazilian artistic innovation, and strongly encourages the development of projects in photography, literature, visual arts and music. In particular, visitors will be impressed by the views of Rio oriented always on offer.

9.Santa Teresa

Santa Teresa in Rio de Janeiro is a quaint and bohemian neighborhood located in one of the city’s hills. The idea is to take a stroll through the cobbled streets of the neighborhood and marvel at the kaleidoscope of colors created by the sidewalk mosaics, galleries and vibrant architecture of palatial mansions in the area. Originally scheduled for a convent built in the 1750s, over the centuries has become a neighborhood somewhat high class and a meeting place for intellectuals, artists renowned and innovative designers.


Copacabana is home to one of the most famous beaches in the world . Located in the south, the beach resort of 4 km starts at Avenida Princesa Isabel and ends at Posto Seis. Each year, the waterfront welcomes millions of visitors traveling to the beaches in search of a resting place in the sun, reconstructed and designed with white geometric patterns and dazzling black in the 1970s Undoubtedly, the beach of Copacabana one of the top 10 tourist attractions of Rio de Janeiro.

7.Escadaria Selarón

Selarón staircase is one of the most visited attractions in the city and is easy to understand. Comprising 215 colorful steps leading Joaquim Silva Street, the stunning mosaics are exciting tribute Jorge Selarón for the Brazilian people.The Chilean artist began renovating the ruined steps in front of his home in 1990 as an eccentric side project, however, covering the stairs with tile fragments and blue ceramics, green, yellow and soon became an obsession. Currently, they are still working on the stairs and behave the origins of more than 60 countries around the world.


Ipanema is undoubtedly one of the most famous surf spots in Rio and one of the most expensive areas to live in the city, full of world – class restaurants, trendy shops and cafes. The most important part of the neighborhood, however, is the long stretch of sand along the ocean, which has become a melting pot of tourists, hippies, old leftists and artists appearing at various posts along the seaside.

5.Botanical Garden

Covering a huge garden of 137 hectares, the Botanical Garden is home to over 800 different species of plants and can be found in the affluent South Zone of Rio de Janeiro. Designed by Prince Regent Dom João in 1808, remains a highlight of the city and attracts many visitors each year who marvel at its beauty.

4.Cristo Redentor

Built over nine years as a symbol of Brazilian Christianity, now the reinforced concrete structure and Swedish soapstone continues as one of the largest art deco statues in the world, with 29.8 meters high and 28.04 meters wide. Located at the peak of Corcovado Mountain in the Tijuca Forest National Park, the Christ the Redeemer offers sensational views of the river and is arguably the most famous cultural icon and landmark of the city.

3.Sugar Loaf

A peak rising 296 meters at the mouth of Guanabara Bay and facing the vast Atlantic Ocean, the Sugar Loaf is perhaps the natural phenomenon most famous of Rio. Although it is one of several monolithic, granite and quartz mountains in the area, is this known for its panoramic views of the city. Every 20 minutes, a glass lift runs along a route of 1400 meters between the peaks of Sugarloaf and Urca Hill, offering a view of 360 degrees exciting the surrounding cityscape. It is one of the best tourist attractions of Rio de Janeiro.

2.Paqueta Island

Paqueta Island is a picturesque island located in the Bay of Guanabara. A car-free zone allowing only transport, walking, with bicycle or car pulled by horses, is one of the best places to escape the frenzy of Rio.

It is true that the area is quite crowded on weekends, but during the week since the frenzy decreases, visitors can explore the scenic island in peace, marveling with colonial beautiful buildings, extensive beaches and the selection of 20 African baobab that grow here.


For decades, the Lapa neighborhood center has been known for its lively nightlife that attracts hordes of revelers to its popular and culinary bars crowded every night. However, it is also acclaimed as one of the most visually and culturally fascinating neighborhoods in the city. Famous for its bohemian vibe and lively social scene, it is home to many Brazilian artists and intellectuals who gather in the shade of its quaint cafes and local restaurants during the sweltering heat of the day.Located in Lapa, visitors can also be attracted to the famous monument of the Lapa Arches, a Roman-style structure with 17.6 meters high, and the Public Garden, the first public park to be built in Rio.

  • Ya..Its very nice place in Rio for tourist. Also I suggest to visit at Avenida Atlantica. This is a seaside avenue and one of the best places
    for a stroll. Every street offers something different. Rio beaches are top tourist attraction in the city.

  • Lovely Rio, just lovely!A week there would be too short for me. I’d aim for at least 10 days!Among my favourites are the colourful stairs, the botanical garden…

  • My favorite place is Ipanema. Sun bath and beer in hand. Relax time to spend there.

  • There is no best place like rio to spend holidays. I live in USA but every December I come here to enjoy Christmas and new year.

  • I had a bad experience last year when visiting rio. I was robbed in the street near almedirs martin ave. They snitched my phone and purse. I have decided to not get back in rio again.

    • So sad. But it maybe your fault to being robbed. You should keep distance from unknown places and unsecure areas. Other wise rio is very nice city to live or visit.

      • Maybe you are right.. but people should have his freedom to hanging around anywhere he/she wants……………

  • Rio is like heaven who know how to enjoy… I have been here in my honeymoon and experience it never like any other places.

  • Feeling proud to born in Rio. This city gives me unexpected pleasures that I can never imagine in my entire life.

  • Paqueta Island really has purple water. strange

  • Escadaria Selarón is very nice and colorful place sometimes I lost myself in those colors…

  • Which place is the best to enjoy with family??

    • All of these place are good for family. Start from the bottom of the list and finish it to top. You will find yourself in a new version after.

  • The botanical garden has lots of threatens plants and new organic and medicine trees what we never heard in our daily life….

  • Copacabana beach is the sexiest beach ever. I have never seen tits like that anywhere in the world …………….

  • When I open my window I see the Ipanema beach every morning. Seems like I live in heaven. The wind is very sweet and cold in the morning.

  • When I hanging around in rio it seems to me very pleasant……..There are many rumors about this city but I have never found any of those are true………..

  • Lapa neighborhood center has been known for its lively nightlife that attracts hordes of revelers to its popular and culinary bars crowded every night.

  • I have not been in everywhere but it is in my list…

  • Take every chance when you get because some thins only hap[ens once.

  • I am an athlete from England and participate all the olympics games since 2000. Rio was the best olympic season for me and my country also. I have own 1 gold and 3 silver there in shooting category and also got the best experience in my entire life. I shall never forget that moment. Thanks you rio for the best.

  • Inna zovoba
  • oksana pochepa

    I can’t buy happiness but I can buy a ticket of Rio and that’s kind of same things.

  • Marina Aleksandrova

    I travel not to escape from life but life not to escape us.

  • Faria Jannat

    You will never understand the meaning of your life until you travel and experience how others are living their

  • You can never cross the ocean unless you have the courage to lose the sight of the shore.

  • Inna zovoba

    Rio is not that rio what was before 10 years ago. It has become very expensive and unsecure. Women are not safe and sex is very often in any place.Not a place for a decent family.

  • Irsun kudikova

    Rio is now one of the top destination of tourist all over the world and the govt of brazil barely care about it. Still corruption in airport and travel agencies are on top of it.

  • Kendall Jenar

    I wish I could born in rio or born in a family like Donald trump’s. but I still want not give up. I shall visit the rio one day.