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The top 10 beers in Brazil

Beer is living proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy. I do not remember exactly where I read that sentence, but I thought this post was a good opportunity to use it. The market for craft beers in Brazil had a blast in recent times – and many international quality labels are being produced here. Want to take your ethyl habit to the next level? Then check out the top 10 beers in Brazil  according to the ranking of RateBeer , the most revered site in the world on the evaluation of beer, which brings together the views of thousands of enthusiasts from around the planet:


At the top of the ranking was the Monjolo Imperial Porter, the Tupiniquim, which is considered the best brewer in Brazil and has several labels in the list. It is a dark beer, strong and slightly sweet, to bring strong notes of chocolate.

Note : 3.80 / 5
Style : Imperial Porter
Brewery : Tupiniquim
Price : R $ 25.90


A collaboration between the Tupinikim and the Danish brewery Evil Twin, the Metro Man is a dark, strong beer, the type Imperial Stout. It has coffee tones, dark chocolate and caramel flavor.

Note : 3.74 / 5
Style : Imperial Stout
Brewery : EvilTwin + Tupiniquim
Price : R $ 21,00



For those who like bitter beer, the 1000 IBU Imperial IPA, the Invicta is a full plate. Your name to make a play on the international scale of bitterness (IBU).

Nota: 3,73/5
Estilo: Imperial India Pale Ale
Cervejaria: Invicta
Preço: R$ 31,90


In the words of one’s LMP, the Petroleum is a “black beer as the oil with added cocoa and oatmeal. Its 12% alcohol are well set with striking aromatic notes of coffee and bittersweet chocolate, from the roasted malts and Belgian addition of cocoa. ”

Note : 3.73 / 5
Estilo : Oatmeal Stout
Cervejaria : house
Preço : R $ 37,30


The Dangerous from Bodebrown was the first Imperial Double IPA launched in Brazil. She has a strong presence of hops, with citrus aromas and high bitterness.

Nota: 3,70/5
Estilo: American IPA
Cervejaria: Bodebrown
Preço: R$ 20,90

6) Vertigo

Combining American and Australian hops, the Vertigo beer, Classic Mix has intense floral and fruity flavors with a slight bitterness.

Note : 3.67 / 5
Style : India Pale Ale
Brewery:  Classical Mix
Price : R $ 24.99


One more beer so dark remember oil on our list, the Wals Petroleum is well licorosa, dense and velvety.

Nota: 3,66/5
Estilo: Russian Imperial Stout
Cervejaria: Wäls
Preço: R$ 16,90


The Monjolo Black Forest is an evolution that Tupiniquim did in his Imperial Porter, adding an extra dose of cocoa, vanilla beans and raspberry.

Note : 3.63 / 5
Style : Imperial Porter
Brewery : Tupiniquim
Price : R $  25.90

9) Wals TRIPLE

With citrus aromas and fruity taste, Wals Trippel brings malts, yeasts and special hops, coriander, orange peel and other spices in their composition.

Note : 3.63 / 5
Estilo : Belgian Tripel
Cervejaria : roller
PreçoR $ 16,90



Closing our list we have the Polimango, a collaboration between Tupiniquim and Swedish brewery Omnipollo. She is a strong, dark beer, with tropical fruit notes and emphasis on pink sleeve.

Note:  3.63 / 5
Style : Imperial IPA
Beer : Tupiniquim
Price : R $ 19.00


  • These beers are pretty much expensive. I need some cheaper with best quality,,,

    • lol. I think these are the cheapers of all time if you analysis on google you will find what is the expensive beers are.

  • Vertigo as weird as it sounds, Vertigo isn’t the same outside of Brazil. I’ve drunk it in pubs in Dublin and it’s much better than out of the bottle or can.

  • DUM PETROLEUM is a joke. watery beer with no character.

  • TUPINIQUIM is the most popular beer in Rio de janeiro.

  • I have tested the BLACK FOREST once but it feels me worst beer in the world. maybe some people like it but my favorite is Wals TRIPLE

  • TUPINIQUIM is one of the oldest beer in brazils history. But taste is best. I have drunk 20 bottles of that beer in a competition with my cousins.

  • I have promised myself not to drink beer again but after reading this post I can’t myself to taste all of it. I am a beerwarm

  • Poli mango doesn’t have any mango flavor. Just waste of money I had it once, worst taste.

  • The Monjolo Black Forest is a real shit. Once you had it you will never forget it’s taste for a month.

  • Actually the best way find the best beer is drink it. Drink all of it. drink, drink, drink until you get pissed of it and then compare what is the best

  • There was a time when people went to the pub and taste all of the beer one after one and choose the best beer with his own opinion. But now read a post and select which one is the best was written in the text and drink full night. How we have become man to machine?

  • My favourite beer is beer. Any brand any quantity or any challange on beer, no one can beat me. I am the beer boss.

  • yeah, every time I go into a bar and ask for a beer..the idiot cunt of a bartender asks me “what type” or “what kind”?

    Just a simple fucking beer! it ain’t a fucking car I am buying! I wish we were back in soviet, 1 type of beer. 1 type of vodka, 1 type of bread, 1 type of meat and 1 type of woman…. the woman who hit you back…

  • I don’t drink beer bcz U have heard it’s made by animals piss…….

  • thanks god I don’t drink beer or smoke.

  • The 10 reasons why I drink beer:
    1) I am happy.
    2) I am sad.
    3) I have passed an exam.
    4) I have failed an exam.
    5) I got a girlfriends.
    6) I broke up with my girlfriend.
    7) I am relaxed and I am feeling good.
    8) I am stressed and I want to feel good.
    9) I am single at home and playing video game.
    10)I am outside and having fun with my friends.

  • The best time to drink when your girlfriend left you….

  • Who cares what drinks I am having when I have no luck on my way.

  • My wife is very a badass. she drinks more than anyone in my family.

  • Well. There are so much better beers then becks.. in germany……

  • More like the top 10 most bland and highly marketed beers list!!!!!!!!!!!

  • who made this list?? Must have been people that hate beer. Amazing how you managed to list worst beers for Brazil.

  • Why people like Wals TRIPLE I don’t know… Who the fuck drinks a beer thats 3.85% alcoholic

  • Oh this shits are gonna make my pocket empty again.

  • I have no idea where this bullshits can be found, in my area there is only one kind of beer is available is Guanabara

  • Who know the best taste of beer better than me.

  • I have no valuable input,because I am not 21 yet………………

  • Top 10 beers for those who don’t like beer…….

  • Waiting for that day when I shall be in 21 and taste all of it…..

  • My tongue gets out of of my mouth after reading this list………..

  • Inna zovoba

    Is drinking beer is good for health???

  • oksana pochepa

    Beers doesn’t have vitamins that’s why you need to drink lots of it.

  • Marina Aleksandrova

    Beer is the best companion of man if everything left you beer won’t left you remember.