Top 10 best carnivals destinations only in Brazil

Brazil is the country of Carnival, and this selection is highlighted 10 best carnivals destinations in Brazil. In the country, there are carnivals everywhere, and often out of season, but there are areas that stand out for culture, diversity, and a “push” media. Until the last century, the Carnival of Rio de Janeiro was considered the best in the country, but the Carnival of Salvador grew absurdly and currently receives 2.5 million revelers in the 6 – day festival. In 2015, the Bahian government invested R $ 87.9 million to carry out the popular street carnival.

10.Fortaleza, CE

The Northeast stands out in the country in this period as a region of joy, relaxation, and celebration. In Fortaleza, it is customary to feast occur well before the carnival week, and this Carnival is tenth in this selection of the 10 best carnivals destinations in Brazil. The clearance party has varied rhythms of music, away from the hegemony of samba.
And what stands out most are maracatu groups and dances with vibration Iracema Beach and Avenue Domingos Olimpio, major sites of Ceará carnival.

9.Manaus, AM

The creation of Carnaboi party is joining the carnival hit and traditions of Boi Bumba, becoming famous Carnival in the Amazon. The biggest revelry in the country’s North joint to traditional associations that are rivals in the Boi Bumba parties, ie, Guaranteed and Capricious.
The Manaus Carnival maintains the tradition originated in the early 20th century, the great parade of traditional costumes, that takes place in the historic city center.

8.Florianópolis, SC

The Carnival this place is cheerful and unprejudiced; gays, lesbians, and supporters heading to Magic Island to enjoy a quiet and lively street party. At the city center, the samba schools parade on catwalk Nego Quirido.

7.Diamantina, MG

Carnival is tanned by the crowd, among narrow streets full of old houses, no time to finish. In five days of the festival, it is 24 hours of festivity. By day, the caricatured blocks attract attention. And at night, the Bartucada groups and Bat Cave direct the batucada. And it all takes place in the Old Market Square, with the gathering of more than 15 000 people daily.

6.Olinda, PE


Olinda to the present is characterized by one of the most popular folk carnivals and country. The dolls of Olinda, giants, in the crowd, draw attention by parading dozens of blocks. The tradition of giant puppets, which began in Belém de São Francisco, received the hills of Olinda in the year 1932 with the Midnight Man doll created.
In 2008, the business and cultural producer Leandro Castro were responsible for creating a new generation of Giants Dolls. Were materialized icons of history and culture of Brazil and international personalities like Pedro I, Ariano Suassuna, Nelson Mandela
There are also 500 carnival groups parading through the streets of Olinda Historic Centre; the frevo clubs, maracatu blocks, afoxés, mockeries, and caboclinhos depart for streets.

5.Recife, PE

Recife’s Carnaval is determined multifaceted, with impeccable programming. Every year the traditional parades of samba schools are presented; not to mention the roadblocks and shows of various styles in party nights.

4.São Luiz do Paraitinga, SP

São Luís do Paraitinga is a small town with 10,000 inhabitants, but it is the best state of Carnival, with lots of entertainment. The party began popular and original, and Carnival typically street where only play traditional marches.

3.Ouro Preto, MG

The Ouro Preto Carnival is popular throughout the country, being the party of the republics, and is third in this selection of the 10 best carnivals of destinations in Brazil. The city has a massive presence of the university, and most of the blocks have an organization by houses of students as Cabrobró.
But there is more organized by residents of Ouro Preto, to include the oldest carnival group in the country; Zé Pereira dos Retainers, which since 1867 gives animation to party with giant puppets.

2.Rio de Janeiro – RJ

The city is pure samba and weeks prior to the official start of Carnival, initiated is the intense life of the party atmosphere. The culmination of the Carnival is special group parade of samba schools , the Marques de Sapucai, with traditional schools that helped popularize the party in the country.
And there are options for all tastes and styles. The road blocks are characteristic for diversity, from north to south, commanding animation of the popular Carnival. The Carnival in Rio de Janeiro is the second position in this selection of the 10 best carnivals destinations in Brazil.

1.Salvador, BA

The Bahian capital itself is party representation, Carnival, and joy. The party is an amazing feature that starts weeks before the official date, one of the most famous in the world. There
are dozens of electric trios the city with famous artists of Bahian music, as Chiclete com Banana, Cláudia Leitte; not counting Timbalada and Olodum. The main circuits of Salvador have successfully Bahian party going, Dodo, Osmar and Batatinha.