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Top 10 best restaurants in Brazil

The characterization of the restaurant appeared in the sixteenth century, meaning restorer food, and referred in particular to a soup. The modern use of the word comes around 1765 when a Parisian opens its establishment, popular as Boulanger.
And prior to the existence of restaurants, unique place, with the exception of the inns and taverns in which disponibilizava food ready to eat away from home it was the street kitchen. The first restaurant as it is known today was Grand Taverne of London, founded in 1782 by Antoine Beauvilliers in Paris, who was 20 years without rival.
But, according to the Guinness Book, the oldest restaurant in the world and still running is located in Spain, the Sobrino de Botin, since 1725, even though the early years was not exactly a restaurant, but an inn for travelers, drovers and merchants. The owner was the French chef Jean Botín and the restaurant was at another address, different from the present.
Currently restaurants can translate the culture and customs of a region and the city as attractive, not to mention the variety of gastronomic wonders available to customers in these establishments. In this selection are the 10 best restaurants in Brazil, according to travelers, ranking Travelers’ Choice TripAdvisor site.

10.Figueira Rubaiyat – São Paulo, São Paulo

The Rubaiyat Figueira, steak house, is in São Paulo, and is highlighted not only by the good food, as well as the environment itself. At the restaurant terrace, a majestic and ancient tree draws attention with branches on the tables.
This restaurant is tenth in the selection of the 10 best restaurants in Brazil, and went to scene of the episode of The Simpsons, when Homer family visits Brazil, in the World Cup.

9.About a Chalezinho – São Paulo, São Paulo

This restaurant in the city of São Paulo is very interesting for warm decor and romantic environment, and also the good food. The house specialty is fondue.

8.Coco Bamboo – Lago Sul, Brasilia-DF

Coco Bamboo is eighth in the selection of the 10 best restaurants in Brazil, and originating in Ceará has units in almost 10 states of Brazil, special establishment to meet.
This restaurant has a varied menu, and the highlight is the Brazilian cuisine and dishes with seafood sea. The place was selected by the jury as the best cuisine of fish and seafood of the city, issue of Brasilia See Eating and Drinking 2011/2012.

7.Manjar das Garcas – Belem, Pará

The representative of North Brazil, eclectic cuisine, is the Manjar das Garças. The site is within the tourism and leisure complex Mangal of herons, surrounded by nature, and has received awards with best restaurant varied trophy for the magazine jury See Belém Eating and Drinking in 2011/2012, and 2009.

6.Taste-Vin – Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais


Taste-Vin, French, is sixth in the selection of the 10 best restaurants in Brazil. The site is characterized by romanticism and is suitable for special occasions. Taste-Vin was voted best French and the city’s best wine list, issue of the magazine in BH See Eating and Drinking 2013/2014.

5.Na Brasa – Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul

Na Brasa is fifth in the selection of the 10 best restaurants in Brazil, and combines with the fame of the gauchos, as good grillers. The property has specialty meats and received award for best meat / caster for magazine jury See Porto Alegre Eating and Drinking, 2011/2012 edition.

4.Taypá – BSB

Taypá has been voted best restaurant for 2013/2014 edition of the jury See Brasilia Eating and Drinking, and stands out for Peruvian, contemporary and international food.

3.Koh Pee Pee – Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul

Koh Pee Pee is third in this selection of the 10 best restaurants in Brazil. And the specialty is the Thai cuisine in Porto Alegre, being interesting for romantic dates and special occasions. And this restaurant was given the best Eastern by magazine jury See Porto Alegre Eating and Drinking for many years, to be included in the final edition, 2013/2014

2.Cameroon Restaurant – Natal, Rio Grande do Norte

Cameroon Restaurant specializes in Brazilian food and seafood, and second place in the selection of the 10 best restaurants in Brazil. The evaluation of it is as obligatory stop in the city, according to travel website users, and interesting for various customer profiles, from families with children, couples, large groups and even business clients.

1.Voila Bistrot – Paraty, Rio de Janeiro

The leading position in selecting the 10 best restaurants is Brazil’s Voila Bistrot, Paraty, Rio de Janeiro. The site specializes in French cuisine, and the highlight is to be romantic and ideal for special occasions, according to the site.