Top 10 most beautiful waterfalls in Rio de Janeiro

The onlyinbrazil team has prepared a list of 10 beautiful waterfalls in the state of Rio de Janeiro. The selection covers various types of waterfalls, some with more than 1000 meters of fall, others more modest, but all of the great beauty and, of course, deserve to be known. Which is the city of Rio de Janeiro, we include in the list a waterfall that is less than 10 km from the center.

1. Count D’Waterfall I – Sumidouro – RJ

The waterfall Count D’I is considered one of the largest waterfalls in the state of Rio de Janeiro, the largest free-fall in the state, are 127 meters decline with a large volume of water. The impact of water in the well forms a cloud of water on sunny days make a rainbow, which further embellishes the place. The waterfall Conde D’i is in the municipality of Sumidouro, near the district of Dona Maria.

Height waterfall Count D’I: 127 meters

Getting into Conde D’Waterfall I: The waterfall is 15km away from the center of Sumidouro. Follow the RJ-148 to sign for the waterfall.After the plate, the road is not capping, and you need to go where goes with the car, from a certain point the road gets narrow becoming a true path and in this case, the output is then walk to the base of the waterfall.

Distance from the center of Rio de Janeiro: 160 km

2. Escorrega Waterfall – Village Maromba – RJ

The waterfall slide is one of the most classic of the village of Maromba, Itatiaia county district. Waterfall lives up to the name; there are 30 meters of the natural waterslide, formed by a very smooth stone. The Itatiaia region is famous for a huge number of waterfalls, over 100 cataloged, and also for its mountains, some with the altitude of 2500 meters, where are most of the headwaters of the rivers that form the waterfalls of the village of Maromba. This explains why the slide waterfall waters usually so chilled.

Slide Waterfall height: 30 meters waterslide

Getting into Slide Waterfall: Waterfall is 3 km above the village of Maromba. The access road to the village is RJ 163, which begins at Dutra. The road is narrow and very winding, but the road is paved and the scenery is amazing.

Distance from the center of Rio de Janeiro: 200 km

3. Waterfall Thirteen – Petrópolis – RJ

The Waterfall Thirteen or waterfall Macumba is formed by two crashes, the first with 15 meters high and the second with 30 meters. Its waters were two wells that are a real invitation to a shower. The waterfall is in the city of Petropolis, a region of rugged and packed geography waterfalls, peaks and rocks, excellent for the practice of trekking and climbing.

Thirteen of Waterfall height: 45 meters

Getting into the Thirteen Waterfall: The waterfall is located at km 19 of the road Petrópolis – Teresópolis. Access to the waterfall is on the right side of the road for those coming from Petrópolis, via a footpath only 5 minutes.

Distance from the center of Rio de Janeiro: 70 km

4. Waterfall Bride Veil – Petrópolis – RJ

Although the name is quite common, this waterfall noteworthy for its location and beauty. The Bride’s Veil Waterfall is located in the State Park of the Organ Mountains, one of the best places in the country for the practice of mountain sports and climbing Cradle place in Brazil, the stone finger of God. The waterfall is 23 meters high, widely used for climbing, rappelling and cascading. For those who like to take a dip, your well is 1.5 meters and the waterfall is not very strong.

Height Waterfall Veil of Bride: 27 meters

Getting into the Veil of the Bride Waterfall: The trail to the waterfall begins at the headquarters of Petrópolis National Park of the Organ Mountains, in the neighborhood of Bonfin in Corrêas district. The park opens at 8:00 am, and the concierge route to the waterfall is 1h: 40min. Along the way it has views of the major mountains of the region, forming an incredible setting. You have to pay an input value in the lobby of the Park to access the sites.

Distance from the center of Rio de Janeiro: 80 km

5. Waterfall Day – Waterfalls Macacu – RJ

The Waterfall Day is also known as Chapadão. Its fall is 65 meters and formed by the waters of the river Manuel Alexandre. The Waterfall Day is located in the municipality of Macacu Waterfalls, within the Ecological Reserve Guapiaçu, guarding one of the few areas of Atlantic Forest in the State of Rio de Janeiro. Despite its height, the volume of water is a small waterfall, and your well is shallow, so the visit is worth much more to the contemplation of beauty.

Height Waterfall Day: 65 meters

Getting into the Waterfall Day: Access by highway BR 122 toward Nova Friburgo. At 32 km, there is access by dirt road that leads to the entrance of the park. Inside the park, you have to make a trail of about 3 km to the waterfall.

Distance from the center of Rio de Janeiro: 100 km

6. Waterfall Robertão – Mansa – RJ

The Robertão Waterfall has modest size, are two falls 10 meters high. But its C shape creates a hole aspect, which resembles a place of secret beauty. Your well is crystalline green color and shallow, great place to bring the whole body below the falls. The waterfall is located in the city of Barra Mansa, more specifically in Amparo district.

Robertão Waterfall height:  20 meters

Getting into Robertão Waterfall: From the Amparo village, take the road to Santa Isabel, the access trail leaves from the road.

Distance from the center of Rio de Janeiro: 133 km

7. Amrosa Waterfall – Conception Macabu – RJ

The Waterfall Amorosa is very close to the center of Conception Macabau, around 20 minutes drive. The waterfall height is about 15 meters, consists of two jumps that go down into a pit of shallowness. Being easily accessible, the best dates to visit the waterfall are out of holidays and weekends very hot.

Height Amorosa Waterfall: 15 meters

Getting into the Amorosa Waterfall: Access to the waterfall is on the road to Trinfo. From the access is approximately 18 minutes drive to the waterfall.

Distance from the center of Rio de Janeiro: 220 km

8. Waterfall of Seven Falls – Macaé – RJ

The Waterfall of Seven Falls gets its name due to the presence of seven steps down the waterfall where the water. Interestingly, this waterfall is got behind his curtain of water and enjoy the waterfall water another view. Seven Falls is considered the most beautiful waterfalls Sana, Macaé district, famous for its great diversity of waterfalls, more than 20 cataloged.

Waterfall height of the Seven Falls: Unknown

Getting into the waterfall Seven Falls: Starting from Sana, take the road Frade – Sana for 5 minutes up the road to the Water Circuit, the left lane. Arriving at the park, access is by trail about 30 minutes.

Distance from the center of Rio de Janeiro: 155 km

9. Waterfall Taunay Waterfall – Rio de Janeiro – RJ

The city of Rio de Janeiro also has waterfalls, and among them, the Deviant chose Taunay Waterfall, which despite its name, is 35 meters high, the largest of the waterfall’s water of the Tijuca National Park. The waterfall area features bathroom, shop, and parking.By law, it is forbidden to enter the waterfall waters. Another waterfall in the park that deserves visit is the waterfall of Horto, which has a drop of 20 meters with small natural pools.

Height Taunay Waterfall:  35 meters

Getting into Taunay Waterfall: The waterfall is in the Tijuca National Park, a distance of 500 meters from the park gate near the Praça Afonso Viseu

Distance from the center of Rio de Janeiro: 10 km

10. Waterfall Bracuhy or Bracuí Rio – Angra dos Reis – RJ

Angra dos Reis, and beautiful beaches, it also stores a waterfall of spectacular size. The Bracuhy Waterfall has five falls that go down by a length of 1100 meters; its size is such that views of the Bay of Ilha Grande, looks like a scar on the mountain. In the bath well, it is possible to see the sea and the coast of clippings of Ilha Grande Bay. Curiosity is that the waterfall is formed in the State of São Paulo and flows into the state in Rio de Janeiro.

Bracuí Waterfall height:  1100 meters falls

How to get in Waterfall Bracuí:  Access the 28 km road Bocaina. There is 11 km of dirt road to the trailhead, which is 3.5 kilometers (about 50 minutes).

Distance from the center of Rio de Janeiro: 155 km


  • The most beautiful waterfall are located in rio de janeiro than other places in Brazil,,

  • The best thing of waterfall is cold and natural water. good for skin