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Top 10 most beers sold in Brazil

According to research conducted by Ibope in 2012, beer is the second largest passion of Brazil , with 35% mark. After all, the greatest passion, according to research, is the football with 77%, and the third passion, Carnival 30%, among others.
Every Brazilian understands very well that beer is the beloved alcoholic beverage in the country, combined with the football every week. And the special beer exceeds the wine, vodka, among others, as the favorite among Brazilians. In this particular selection are the top 10 best – selling beers in Brazil.


The manufacturer of Bohemia is the Brazilian company Cervejaria Bohemia, the first in Brazil. From the beginning, this drink has preserved details of German beers that time, but over time, these strong and bitter taste details in German standard were modified with more lightness and decreased bitterness.
The slogans of Bohemia are very interesting and popular the country as, “the first beer in Brazil,” “Since 1853”, “150 years ago the same pleasure.” No doubt it is one more item of Brazilian tradition.


This is Mexican beer with production by FEMSA, and the launch of beer Sol in Brazil happened in the year 2006. Since 2003, in Brazil, FEMSA manufactures brands like Heineken and Xingu.


The Wanton is beer brand belongs to the Schincariol Group. And there Wanton Blonde, type lager, and Wanton Redhead shade of red, Wanton Black, Wanton India and still Wanton Sarará. The launch of Wanton Well Blonde involved around 100 million.


This is a Brazilian beer that started in 1999, the interior of São Paulo. From the launch were many restructuring of the brand, and is the first brand sealed Brazil. In 2006 it launched the non-alcoholic beer and even the brass with 473 ml.



The factory this preciousness for Brazilians is Cervejaria Petrópolis. The Itaipava ranks sixth among the 10 best-selling beers in Brazil. Lately draws attention by heavy investment in sponsorship for automobile events in Brazil, as in the Stock Car.


The Kaiser beer is Brazilian, with the launch in 1982. interesting factor about the Kaiser is the popular marketing campaign for 90 years, with the protagonist José Valien, the short Kaiser, unforgettable for Brazilians.

4.Nova Schin

Beer is ranked fourth among the 10 most beers sold in Brazil, but suffers from the stigma of popular beer, with the rejection of many people and not for flavor. Despite this detail, the Nova Schin has great market share in this segment in the country, known as cervejão.


Antarctica is the larger type, clear and low fermentation. The flavor, bitterness, and aroma are mild. This classic beer like the combination of tradition and quality for a long period to the present, being known as the good beer really.


Brahma was produced in 1888, in Rio de Janeiro, the company that changed its name to Companhia Cervejaria Brahma, succeeded by AmBev. This beer has a worldwide expression too, and is totally Brazilian, is famous around the world in more than 15 countries such as the United States and Russia. Thanks to the great conquered the market, it is 10th most consumed beer in the world with 18.1 million barrels consumed in 2012.
The advertisements Brahma are very prestigious and has received awards such as Cannes. In 2006, Brahma began to Heineken Dutch in a number of sales, ranking fifth in the world.


It is the leading beer brand in the Brazilian market in this segment and owned by Carlsberg, with the license to manufacture in the country, and is significant for the world as well. The origin of the name Skol has meant to toast to health, and that particular drink is sold in Pilsen model. It is the seventh most consumed beer in the world , with 29.9 million barrels sold in 2012.
The launch of Skol Pilsen was in 1964 in Europe and appeared in Brazil in the year 1967. It is responsible for innovations in the beer sector, as in 1996 with the release of the package long neck of 355 ml.
beer is weight sponsor in the country and the party Skol Beats electronic music is the already great success. In the year 2013, the company has created ice cream and Easter egg starting beer, innovating again.