Top 10 Most Handsome Men in Brazil

Ah … What a beauty! As I said Jorge Ben Jor, without exaggeration, Brazil is even “a tropical country, blessed by God and beautiful by nature”. Apart from the lyrics and the natural beauty that reside here, the country is also full of beautiful and charming faces. Especially in relation to male presence, the Brazilians guys are always top from women and capable of taking the breath of women.

Whether by his physical, charm, talking behavior, sympathy or even the activity that sportsmen such as football players, singers, models, actors, dancers, so … There is no woman who does not enchant by a Brazilian cat. Knowing this, we have prepared the following list with the Top 10 most beautiful people of Brazil.

#Top 1: Caio Castro

The actor and the Brazilian model, which has become the agenda of a hunk crazy woman. Paulista, 27, the cat usually leaves the female audience flabbergasted to show his charm and physical fit in Brazilian soap operas.

Despite being away from the big screen today, he still leaves a lot of passionate people with his videos and photos on the internet. With a reputation for womanizing and born conqueror, Caio Castro is still single.! Like venturing into many passions, but has not taken any serious relationship at the moment.

With a legion of fans wherever he goes, the TV hunk is always in the top 10 of the most beautiful men in Brazil.


#Top 2: Cauã Reymond


The Brazilian actor, age 36, has also led the female audience to madness through his performances in soap operas, movies and series on TV. With the body fit and a natural beauty, well-defined and full lips physical, Cauã Reymond is also among the Brazilian cats that won the hearts of women.

The actor has been married twice with two other actresses: Alline Moraes, who was married for three years, and then Grazi Massafera, who had a six-year relationship and two children, Sofia Marques.

Currently, he is one of the heartthrobs of TV’s dating model and presenter Marian Goldfarb, who took seriously dating earlier this year. But still there! Do not get discouraged … The cat is committed, but it never hurts to take a peek, isn’t it?


#top 3: Klebber Toledo


Actor and model, age 30, blond and blue eyes, is also among the beautiful ones that make women drool on the big screen. With a charm unique physical in good shape and face of “good guy”, Klebber Toledo has already melted and still melting many hearts by Brazil.

The actor enchanted in characters in soap operas and in real life, also had their flirtations. In 2011, the hunky began a romance with actress Marina Ruy Barbosa, but it has an end in 2014. Fond of surfing, Klebber loves to enjoy and take care of the “six pack” on the beach during their spare time. It is or is not in good shape?


#top 4: Luke Lucco


Mineiro, age 24, the young singer, composer, and more recently, Brazilian actor and model is also among the 10 most beautiful men in the country today. The owner of a body in order to draw attention wherever he goes, and a beautiful voice and a romantic way and conqueror, the handsome also leaves the hair chicks standing in over 25 shows that are a month across the country.

Still, the miner cat began late last year career as an actor in the soap opera “Workout”, Rede Globo, with which it has identified and intends to continue working in the future, great news for those who love to see the handsome displaying corpão and charm on TV. Meanwhile, why not take a peek at the beauty of the singer here?


#Top 5: Tiago York


The guy is a singer of lush beauty and that is making the biggest hit among women. Despite a long career, James Iorc became more known today for his songs, compositions, and productions and also for its charm and romanticism.

In addition to beautiful lyrics and a voice unique, the hunky also displays a natural beauty and different, mainly attracting more fans cults and not so less passionate. Take a look at the crush !


#Top 6: Rodrigo Lombardi


It’s almost a “fortysomething” but still beats most ball enters the chicks. The actor Rodrigo Lombardi, at the height of his 39 years, shows a physical and charm to let any of drooling, one of the most paquerados heartthrobs for the Brazilian soap opera fans.

In his latest role in the miniseries “Secret Truths” (2015), Rede Globo, the cat took the chicks swoon in nudity and sex for the plot, in which the veteran actor makes the show a tabby and well-defined corpão.



#Top 7: Reynaldo Gianecchini


This is another of Brazilian cats playing in the team of “forties”, but still with everything on it! The Brazilian actor and model exhibits a healed body and cared for at the height of its 43 years, and a talent and charisma that attracts many women out there.

With a reputation for “good guy” but a great conqueror, Reynaldo Gianecchini was already married to journalist and presenter Marilia Gabriela, with that related for seven years. Besides her, other passengers had romances with Christiane Alves, Heloisa Alencar, Preta Gil and Carolina Alencar.

In 2011, the actor was diagnosed with cancer, which did go through a long treatment and happy recovery. Currently, the hunk is single with an iron health, showing some physical pose to make heat in any woman.


#Top 8: Bruno Gagliasso


The model and actor, 34, is also among the most beloved cats of Brazilian TV. Blond and beautiful blue eyes, the hunk of soap operas also won the hearts of duty women with charm, talent, and body in shape.

Also on the big screen veteran, Bruno Gagliasso displays its beauty for many years and has won a legion of women he has visited both the fans and the famous.

Among the flirtations of handsome passed Thaís Fersoza Viviane Sarahyba, Danielle Winits, Joan Balaguer, Camila Rodrigues, Helena Bordon and is currently married to actress Giovanna Ewbank, with whom is married until today and has an adopted daughter, African Chissomo, dubbed by double Titi.

Take a look at cat profile? Is not it beautiful?


#Top 9: Arthur Aguiar


Despite having a career already considered, the Brazilian actor and singer,age 27, was best known for his role in the soap opera “Workout” in 2015, where he lived the character Duca, one of the protagonists of the plot.

In addition, the cat still enchants many fans around with his voice, singing in various festivals all over Brazil, including the electric trios during Carnival. With so much beauty and charm, could not stay out of this crush Top 10 today. What do you think?


#Top 10: Felipe Titto


The actor, model and currently host of a show on MTV are one of the cats also show his sensuality on our short list of most handsome men in Brazil today. At 29, the handsome owns a very good physical shape, the way the chicks like.

Fond of tattoos, Felipe Titto loves to show his identity and personality in the buff and well defined corpão. No wonder that the cat has left many women drooling in front of the TV in one of his most memorable roles in “Love for Life” novel (2013), where he lived the butler Wagner, who left the crazy chicks with a “footprint” and washboard breathtaking.

He is currently married to an architect Mel Martinez . But looking like an unbootable piece, how about taking a look more closely at the little body heartthrob?


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