Top 10 most highly paid presenters on Brazilian TV Screen

Do you Know which are the highest salaries of Brazilian TV , Globo, SBT and Record. Learn what is the salary of Faustão and other artists.

They are always the center of attention, appearing in advertising commercials in prime-time soap operas, and some of them even in the movies.

However we imagine the glamorous life of a famous artists, we probably always will be surprised and even upset us how much he earns per month.

In fact, only today you will be just imagining the dollar signs from the wages of his idol, because in today’s post we tell you what are the top 10 salaries of Brazilian TV.

Fausto Silva, known Faustão, will appear in the recent survey of the 10 highest salaries of Brazilian television , based on information provided by the most important media of the country, print media and online.

This is the same methodology used by the editors of Forbes, when together information from a segment through informants and online data, then disseminate the various lists and kill our curiosity about ten …

The list of top 10 salaries of Brazilian TV is made up of old and new artists who carry on the back  a path to great success.

The list of novelties are some artists who changed red and became great presenters like Rodrigo Faro, Fátima Bernardes and Sabrina Sato

Top 10 highest salaries of Brazilian TV

10. Eliana (SBT)



After leaving the program “Everything is possible” the Record, the presenter was hired by SBT since 2009 and went on to command the “Eliana Program” strong competitor of other talk shows Sunday afternoon played on Brazilian television.

Currently, the host in tenth position with the highest salaries of Brazilian television receives 600,000 reais per month.

9. Ana Hickmann (Record)

After presenting the program “Today” for 4 years with Brito Jr. and Edu Guedes in 2009 presenter received the opportunity to have its own program and replace Eliana in “Everything is possible.”

In 2012 she went on to command the “Afternoon Program.” Back to “Hoje em Dia” she currently receives

7,00 ,0000real wages , one of the best salaries in the Record book.

8. Ana Maria Braga (Globe)


According to informants, it is speculated that the holder of Monday mornings to Friday’s Globe wins on average 710,000 reais per month . There are now fifteen years leading a program with an average audience.

7. Rodrigo Faro


Rodrigo Faro achieved  the award for best entertainer and presenter of Brazilian television for five years in a row. He presented the program “Idols” and “The Farm”. He currently presents the “Faro Hour” 4-hour on Sundays.

It is speculated that the presenter of our seventh position, with the highest salaries of Brazilian television, receives $ 1 million per month.

6. Sabrina Sato (Record)


The model that is ex BBB and former panic, currently has a unique program in the Record on Saturday nights, the “Sabrina Program” which receives guest artists and have fun with games and various games, one of the most widely used methods for auditoriums programs in the last decades.

The presenter has a salary highest paid Brazilian television, around 1.1 million per month.

5. Fátima Bernardes


Possession of all credibility gained from years in journalism Globo , the presenter went on to make a program in the entertainment area of the station.

Since its cache quintupled and she began to receive 1.5 million to present a variety show on Monday mornings to Friday in the Globe.

4. Luciano Huck


There are already 13 years in charge of the “Cauldron of Huck”, the presenter receives a fat salary around   1.8 million per month of Globo station.

Currently, Huck owns the 5th largest Brazilian Facebook page and has the 6th place among the most followed Twitter in Brazil. It can be said that he is the darling of Brazilian television.

3.Roberto Carlos Massa


We reached the top 3 best-paid artists of Brazilian television.

Always in the relentless pursuit of the audience, Mouse invoice 2 million reais per month with the “Mouse Program.”

Your program will air Monday through Friday with a duration of 70 minutes, with interviews and various entertainments, always seeking the vein of humor. The host owns several affiliated stations of SBT .

2. Xuxa Meneghel


The famous “Queen of shorties” has the second highest salary of Brazilian television, she receives monthly R $ 2.5 million, not to mention hair dyes campaigns and investments in the music.

Currently, the newest star of Record shines a program and interview this trifle.

1. Faustão (Globe)


Fausto Silva renewed his contract with the network world till2017 with a salary of 5 million reais per month , the Faustão Program presenter that will air live once a week.

The known and liked Faustão leads one of the programs that yields more sheet of commercial campaigns station.

The only host of game show, full of activity, which could discolor the wages of Faustão the first such ranking would be Silvio Santos, however, there is no way to compare the wages of the station owner himself.