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Top 10 richest women only in Brazil 2016

In this selection are the 10 richest women in Brazil, according to Forbes business magazine and the American economy. What is striking is the influence, power, and of course the fortune of those women who have succeeded in various fields, such as industry, construction, finance, among others.

Top 10 richest women only in Brazil 2016

10.Ana Lucia de Mattos Barretto Villela – R $ 1.3 billion


Ana Lucia 38, is a member of one of the most traditional and ancient family of Brazil’s economic sector, today it is the largest individual shareholder of Banco Itau-Unibanco (Itausa), together with his brother Alfredo , each has 7, 2% of this holding valued at R $ 52 billion, making it the largest private bank in the country and one of the 15 largest in the world .

9.Lia Maria Aguiar – $ 1.4 billion

The sisters Leah and Lina, twin 74, fight in court today the property left by his father. These assets do not include Bradesco, for in testament of Amador Aguiar, the company would be controlled by Bradesco Foundation (entity). The fight is by an agreement made 30 years ago, that would give them more than 1 billion. The billions that currently has the principle would be a kind of “donation” made by his father in life.
Lia Maria Aguiar is known to be determined, strong and dreamy. Life Lia is marked by philanthropy and simplicity, living in Campos do Jordao, environment in which remembers adolescence and father.
Bradesco bank heiress created the Foundation Lia Maria Aguiar, dedication to work with 800 children, involving the community in need. Ranks ninth among the 10 richest women in Brazil.

8.Lilian Werninghaus – 1.5 billion dollars

Lilian Werninghaus is the widow of Geraldo Werninghaus, partner and founder of WEG, major manufacturer of engines in the world. She is a widow and her husband’s heir, that by the end of the 80s was involved with WEG business. In 1989, Geraldo began public career, serving as alderman, mayor of Jaragua do Sul and even state representative

7.Lina Maria Aguiar – $ 1.7 billion


Lina and Lia Maria Aguiar, occupying the 7th and 9th position consecutively this ranking, the story of the two sisters are summarized in it. They are two of three adopted daughters of Amador Aguiar, founder of Bradesco, who had no inheritance in the will, but fight for years in court for about 1% of the bank currently is at R$ 105 billion.
After his father’s death, the widow tried to Amador’s body exhumed for evidence of non – paternity in relation to Lina and her sisters, to have the disqualification of heiresses. There was allowed by the judge conducting the DNA test, ending the contest.

6.Ana Maria Marcondes Penido Sant’Anna – $ 1.8 billion

Anna is the daughter of Penido, and has 12% of CCR, Brazil’s largest operator of toll roads, participation in evaluation at 2.1 billion dollars. After accounting for dividends and market performance, Ana is the parent probably the portfolio investments of at least $ 400 million, according to the Bloomberg ranking.

5.Dulce Pugliese de Godoy Bueno – 2 dollars bilhões

The Dr Dulce, 68, is a doctor and a member of Amil Group, the largest private healthcare company in Brazil, with more than 5 million beneficiaries. Despite having founded the company together with Dr Edson de Godoy Bueno when he was her husband, they separate and remain in charge of the company, he as president, with assets of $ 2.8 billion and it vice with $ 2 billion.

4.Regina de Camargo Pires Oliveira Dias – $ 2.3 billion

Regina is the daughter of Sebastian and Dirce Navarro de Camargo and has share in the control of Participações Morro Vermelho, family holding company that groups several businesses group founded in 1939 by Sebastian. In 2012, the group bought 95% of Cimpor for 3.7 billion dollars.

3.Renata Camargo Nascimento – 2.5 billion

After the death of Dirce Navarro de Camargo, Camargo Corrêa group was controlled by the daughters, Renata Camargo Nascimento, Regina de Camargo Pires Oliveira Dias and Rosana Camargo de Arruda Botelho, with representation by husbands Renata and Regina. Renata ranks third in this selection, with $ 2.4 billion.

2.Rosana Camargo de Arruda Botelho – $ 2.5 billion

It is one of the daughters of the couple Sebastian and Dirce Navarro de Camargo, and his fortune is down to $ 2.4 billion, ranking second among the 10 richest women in Brazil in 2014, according to Forbes.

1.Maria Helena Moraes Scripilliti – $ 3.3 billion

Maria Helena, along with brothers Anthony and Ermírio Ermírio Pereira, have a quarter of industrial conglomerate Votorantim each, according to documents filed with the CVM. The group operates in several areas such as cement, chemical, aluminum, paper pulp, electricity, metals, steel, and Banco Votorantim. His brother Antonio Ermírio appears in 10th place in our top 10 richest men in Brazil with $ 3.4 billion.


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