The top 10 singers of Brazilian popular music of all times

I do not know about you but I hate lists. All of them. Simply can not stand. Guest list. List of asked to leave. List of drugs. Waiting list. approved list. Newborns list. List of dead in a plane crash. dismissed list. Shopping list pro-supermarket. List of foods that give cancer. List of lips I did not kiss. List of sexually transmitted diseases. List to the gas chamber. List of the most incredible, the unforgettable, the most influential, the worst, the darlings, the unsuccessful. lists list. I think it all sucks.

Why, then, now and then, I write? – You will ask since it does not bind them or, conversely, are some aficionados. I I do, dear readers, for contingencies of my editor. Only that. It forces me. I am royally paid for pampering, I confess. I am moved to flattery and he lives to say that I write too. I think so too. If I leave, I write a lot, a whole day without pause. A scandal.

The subject ensures that I am a phenomenon in compiling surveys and drawing up the lists. He thinks I’m humorous, lively, fun, almost a clown. “From time to time, it is important for you to feel the roaring hatred of readers. It does very well for his maturity as chronicler … “. I do not know that damn self-help manual he took it, but the fact is that I have suffered all sorts of attacks and esculhambações because of his fetish for lists.

Still – for pure leisure and willingness to suffer – we set off for another search. We provoke our readers to palpitarem what are the 10 greatest singers of popular Brazilian music at all times. To ensure the prolixity of the survey, the criteria, and confused, were numerous. After all, our readers are smart, differentiated, eager as the dog, fissured in controversy.

For starters, the research only value to popular singers in any period of history, both sexes, living or dead (look up!). The most important criterion concerned the voice quality itself: timbre, power and technique. Other very important parameters were required: the quality of the recorded repertoire (called the “body of work”), charisma and emotion in singing.

After you make one downpour hunches (were more than 4000 participants) and got our list. As a form of tribute, we find it convenient to include a link to a song for each of the ten elected. For the peace and joy of my editor, I hope most of you approve the result. To those who, once again, hate me, stunned by the voices that were off the list (or that it entered), I wish to have a good day and a great headache to sound very funky slab.

Elis Regina – As Our Fathers (Melchior)


Be laypeople or understood in music, Pimentinha is almost unanimity when it comes to pointing out who is the best Brazilian singer of all time. In addition to the refined vocal technique and care in choosing the repertoire, Elis sang with a half messianic devotion, as if every song was a hymn, a confession or a plate of food.

Tim Maia – Need (Tim Maia)


Considered the King of Soul Music in Brazil, “liquidator MPB”, owner of an unmistakable booming voice, Tim Maia was a talented singer, assumed buck, and a bon vivant so disenchanted with the Universe which eventually devoured by it earlier than we deserved.

Simonal – Tribute to Martin Luther King (Simonal and Ronaldo Bôscoli)


Simonal was a showman, nonsense, a Brazilian black that worked. With powerful charisma and impressive voice, he won the double prejudice for being born black and poor, but lost badly to their peers, to the system and – who knows – for yourself, for the intolerant years of military dictatorship in Brazil.

Milton Nascimento – San Vicente (Milton Nascimento and Fernando Brant)


This thing mineirinho eat around the edges does not work with Milton Nascimento. Bituca has won some Grammy and is one of the most known and respected worldwide artists, even where Minas no more.

Ney Matogrosso – traveler (Teresa Tinoco)


Ney takes advantage over other peers because, in addition to being an outstanding performer, the owner of a unique voice in tupiniquim songbook, he sings with the neck and body, a driven sultry who always made great success among grown men and maidens, since the beginning, was a member of the general goods.

Caetano Veloso — Nature Boy (Eden Ahbez)


As Gil and Chico Buarque, Caetano Veloso is part of the select club darlings of MPB. The voice is sweet; tongue, sharp; and the brain – to the general happiness of the nation-continuous restless.

Maria Bethania – Jealousy (Caetano Veloso)


Bethania seems that middle-winger player of a football team that does not score goals, play as one, but does not appear much to the crowd. They say it’s an artist demure, discreet, averse to the spotlight. Not needed: light is with herself. On stage, singing illuminates the heart of the audience with his vocation to be a star.

Gal Costa – It’s Only Luxury (Ary Barroso and Luiz Peixoto)


These people of Bahia is even arrested. Regular is for anyone; singing is for those who can. And do not even have the electric trio, butt out, photo in the magazine and stuff. His name is Gal: voice.

Nelson Gonçalves – Caminhemos (herivelto martins)


I was happy as hell for Nelson appears among the ten elected this search. It’s nice to remember my father singing at home – the Ides of my childhood – imitating, struggling the most, trying to sing “Bohemia” as Nelson did, with that deep voice that neither life. Ah … I’ll finish writing this text and sing my dad.

Emilio Santiago – Truth Chinese (Carlos Colla and Gilson)


Brazilian Truth be told, the sweet voice, hot and soft Emílio Santiago may have been one of the most underrated treasures of MPB at all times.