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Top 10 tallest buildings only in Brazil

Most of largest building in brazil situated in Sao Paulo. 5 buildings from 10 are situated in the land of drizzle. However, they do not compare to the largest buildings in the world . Burj Khalifa is the world largest building of the world with 828 meters tall, while the tallest buildings only in Brazil is about 172 meters.

Unlike what happens in other parts of the world, here is the list of the largest buildings is mainly occupied by residential buildings. In the global list, the first places are mostly occupied by office buildings or hotels.

Among the first hundred listed by the Council of Senior Buildings and Urban Housing (CTBUH, its acronym in English), there is no Brazilian representative. In the ranking of Latin America, the Lookout Valley appears in 15th.

Top 10 tallest buildings in Brazil

10.Universe Life Square, Curitiba

Commercial building located in Curitiba, in the final stages of construction. It Has 152 meters.

9.Vitraux, Salvador

Opened in 2012, the building is located in the Garibaldi district of Salvador. It has 156 meters of height in 32 floors.

8.Mansion Margarida Costa Pinto, Salvador

8-mansion-margarida-costa-pinto-salvadorIt is called the mansion due to the apartment of 800 m² (1 per floor) that the resident can enjoy. It is the largest of Salvador with 154.5 m tall.

7.Residential Garden Park Complex (Garden City), Sao Paulo

7-residential-garden-park-complex-garden-city-sao-pauloThe residential complex consists of 9 luxury towers with the same height (157.9 meters). It is part of the complex Shopping Cidade Jardim.

6.North Tower (UNSCOM), Sao Paulo


The North Tower is part of the UNSCOM (United Nations Centre Enterprise), a complex located in the Monsoons City neighborhood of Itaim Bibi. The North Tower is the highest (158 meters) and important complex. Currently, it houses the headquarters of Microsoft, HP, Monsanto, Unilever and GVT.

5.Tower of Banespa (Altino Arantes Building), Sao Paulo

5-tower-of-banespa-altino-arantes-building-sao-pauloThe Empire State Building Brazil is located in the center of São Paulo. Known as Banespa Tower (official name Altino Arantes), it is one of the postcards of the city with 161 meters high. Currently, the building belongs to the Santander group due to privatization of Banespa in 2000.

4.Rio Sul Center, Rio de Janeiro

Situated in the Botafogo district, it is the largest building in Rio de Janeiro. It’s
163.1 meters tall are built on one of the main shopping centers, RioSul Shopping. It has 48 floors of offices.

3.Villa Serena Torre A e B, Balneário Camboriú/SC

3-villa-serena-tower-a-and-b-camboriu There are two residential towers of luxury built in Sydney in 2012. Both towers measure 164 meters tall and 46 floors each.

2.Edifício Itália, São Paulo

2-edificio-italiaThe Building Italy (or Circolo Italiano) is located in the square of the Republic, in São Paulo. Built by Italian colonists in the 60 It has 165 meters high, 46 floors, 19 lifts and a terrace restaurant.

1.Mirante do Vale (Palácio W. Zarzur), São Paulo

The Building Condominium Lookout Valley has 170 meters high, 50 floors and 12 elevators. It is a mixed building is residential and commercial. It was opened in 1966 after five years of construction. Located in the Valley of Anhangabaú in São Paulo.