Top 10 most valuable clubs in Brazil

In this selection are highlighted the 10 most valuable clubs in Brazil, according to a survey published in August 2016 by BDO, it characterized the fifth largest company in relation to auditing and consulting in Brazil. the most valuable clubs and its 2017 brand value in million reais are presented.These are three topics analyzed to find the result, the market where the club is located, income and twisted. And are 10 years of the study, analyzing these three pillars. Besides the market, it was possible to measure revenues in sales, with such sponsorship and ticket office, and mass consumers of clubs. Follows according to the economic conditions of the locality, and others do not feature highly developed markets.

10. Vasco da Gama – R $ 444.5 Million

Vasco da Gama Club de Regatas Vasco da Gama was found in August 1898, from  the maritime sport. And the first football team came at the end of 1915, with the club Vasco da Gama tenth position in this selection with 444.5 million reais(Brazilian currency), now one of the 10 most valuable clubs in Brazil.

9. Santos – R $ 448.2 million

Santos stands out with 448.2 million reais(Brazilian Currency) brand and the history of Santos Football Club begins in April 1912, it was founded by the initiative of three athletes from Santos. These made assembly convened in the headquarters of the Concordia Club, to create the football team.

8. Atlético-MG – 515 500 000

The Club Atlético Mineiro has founded in March 1908 by the group of students in meeting the bandstand of Municipal Park, Belo Horizonte. This was occurring able to schedule the generation of Club Atletico Mineiro. The Club Atlético Mineiro has featured here with 515.5 million reais.
It is the seventh club with the most state titles in Brazil, 43 mining championships.

7. Cruise – R$ 575.7 million

Cruzeiro Esporte Club came through the efforts of sportsmen coming from the Italian community in the city of Belo Horizonte, with Societa Sportiva Palestra Italia denomination, in January 1921. The club most of Mines crowd reaches the 575.7 mark million.

6. International – R $ 609.2 million

The International has featured with 609.2 million reais, being sixth in this selection of the 10 most valuable clubs in Brazil. And he did his initial training for the first month of the foundation, in April of the year 1909 in Islet.

5. Gremio – R $ 666.6 million

Grêmio records of 666.6 million reais mark in relation to the value of the club. Grêmio Foot-Ball Porto Alegrense was founded in September 1903, in the restaurant of the central area of the city of Porto Alegre.
The gaucho club has the biggest crowd of the southern region of the country and can boast of being the second club with more socio-fans of Brazil.

4. São Paulo – R $ 926.3 million

This is the youngest college among the highlight of Brazil’s football, São Paulo FC has emerged in fourth place in this selection, with branded 926.3 million reais, of the 10 most valuable clubs in Brazil. Its foundation took place in January 1930 and marked by stories of overcoming, and your example refounding in the year 1935.
With big players, the club has been valuing each year. It currently has 113,000 socio-fans.

3. Palmeiras – R $ 1.0218 billion

Palmeiras has 1,021,800,000 reais mark in relation to their value club. The Palestra Italia was founded in the month August 1914 by immigrants from Italian colony of São Paulo, a city with Italy Lecture denomination. The foundation itself occurred by the presence of two Italian teams in the country, Pro Vercelli, and Turin, to drive this way the four young Italians to create the team to the Italian colony.According to the study, an important factor resulted in an increase in value with respect to the clubs, that is the effect arenas impact on revenues. Especially in Palmeiras, citing Allianz Park, the great engine of the year 2016 came down to the arena. It has the country’s biggest box office revenue, returning to have sponsorship, and commercial potential rose.
Palmeiras was the great champion of the Brazilian Championship in 2016 and reached the rank of the club with the most members, fans of the country.

2. Corinthians – R $ 1.4229 billion

Corinthians is second place in this selection of the 10 most valuable clubs in Brazil, with staggering 1,422,900,000 reais. The foundation of the club took place in 1910, in September, the corner of José Paulino and Canon Martins streets in Bom Retiro, the five workers were responsible for the Sports Club Corinthians Paulista foundation.And with 8 men, it was composed meeting of the original members and founding partners in relation to Timon and had its name on inspiration Corinthian-Casuals Football Club, the English team, who performed the tour of the country.Contrary to the previous years, this club fell one position due to the loss or reduction of sponsorships and even fall in the box office, as the Arena Corinthians revenue is pointed to the stadium debt payment location in Itaquera.

1. Flamengo – R $ 1.4934 billion

Flamengo is a leading position in this selection of the 10 most valuable clubs in Brazil, especially with brand 1.4934 billion reais. Flamengo is characterized multisport college in Brazil, with its headquarters in Rio de Janeiro.The foundation took place for rowing contests in 1895, and became one of the most successful clubs in Brazil and popularity of the sport, particularly in relation to football. And for the second year, this club has the largest Brazilian leadership turnover. Not to mention the sponsorship, we must remember that it is the club that has the widest range of consumers, presenting the greatest fans in Brazil.

  • Never thought Flamengo will be in number one. But still their club provide some stars in Brazilian stars

  • Santos is the best club in Brazil football associations


    • Time demoted, was more than 20 years without winning a title, wants to be worth more than the dearest, most twisted and never lowered? ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh poor.

  • Flamengo is valuable because it has many fans across the country, when going to the northeast and north drags crowd.

  • Palmeiras has also growing number of fan. But still not successful like other clubs. but their management system is very good to manufacture a footballer

  • Grêmio records of 666.6 million reais mark in relation to the value of the club. Grêmio Foot-Ball Porto Alegrense was founded in September 1903, in the restaurant of the central area of the city of Porto Alegre.

  • Braziilian clubs named international …. Lol

  • Santos should be in number one after all pele, ronaldinho, neymar and lots of stars from santos

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  • Cruise also got some special player for Brazilian football team