Top 20 Players of Our Brazilian Football All Time

How many football players have had here in Brazil? Many, hundreds, thousands. How many football players were considered superstars, special, different and myth? Few, I think no more than 100 players who have a kind of ‘idolatry’ and recognition won by his talent and intimacy with the soccer ball. The list of the Top 20 Players of Our Brazilian Football All Time was not so difficult to do, because usually, or at least 10 or 15 finishers are always listed by critics, people who understand, by the way, everyone. After all, I’m just brushing a list that many already know who will win and who will be some of the others, of course should arise discussions relating to some placements.



The list closes with a player who was essential for all the teams where he spent, his intelligence, his goals and his assists always well – aimed makes Rivaldo one of our top 20. In Palmeiras and in Barcelona he was the master, and was even honored with the award for best of the year by FIFA. In our selection was remarkable in the 2002 World Cup.



Known as Mestre Ziza he was one of the greatest scorers of all time. Zizinho shone very Flamengo, Bangu and São Paulo and left many recorded goals, especially in Rio de Janeiro Flamengo. In the National Team he made 30 goals in 54 games, a great brand, worth having not won a title for us but the goals it was anthological as I read and heard on TV when they spoke to him.



Many may challenge, but Nilton Santos is below a left – back, who was also its function, but some details I did determine this place, but what makes me happy is that it is part of the South American selection of all times. Nilton shone much in Botafogo , and timaço was. He did not score many goals, but he knew how to pass anyone, as well as the team that reached the mark and some of them, very important. He was also conhcido as Encyclopedia because their football understanding.



The best left back of all time in Brazil and perhaps one of the three best in the world. Roberto Carlos that ended the recent form of career deserves our homenages and respect for having honored a position sometimes forgotten by us, but fundamental today . Our side shined much in the national team, Palmeiras and especially at Real Madrid, where he played for many years and he is in the selection of all time. His agility, reaction and strong kicks was his mark.

16. Arthur Friedenreich


A difficult name of this Brazilian descendant of German, so he carried two surnames, Freid and El Tigre . It was one of the greatest goalscorers in history, and considered by many lists one of the greatest of all time, in Brazil, South America and the world, winning position in the Top 100. Friedenreich has a historical mark of goal average, almost one per game, so he played in many teams, including our selection. Flamengo, Santos and Sao Paulo was one of the famous clubs he played.

15. Tostao


One of the greatest goalscorers in history, mainly from Cruzeiro and the Brazilian national team, World Cup champion 70 in Mexico. Penny was a very smart and strategic player, always left his opponents looking for the ball and d’other side and when they kicked the goal played for his companion who would be free to score.

14. KAKA


One of the players who had the pleasure to see him play, since its inception, in São Paulo he was the playmaker and so was the other teams who worked mainly in Milan , where Kaka was for many years and there he won an award as the best player of the world. His agility, tidy passing and incredible goals that do not seem to come, but come but are great golden boy features.



Master the heel steps goalscorer and very intelligent were the ways to work your football. Dr Socrates was one of the greatest idols of Corinthians, as well as play well for the team he could have the soul of the team, as was the selection. Socrates played for 63 times in our selection, including selection was part of that 1982, being one of the best cast.

12. Carlos Alberto Torres


One of the largest laterals right in the world of all time, being the best in Brazil. Carlos Alberto was our Tri Captain in 1970 in Mexico Cup and really helped our team, one of the most remembered events of this cup was his goal after a side pass, and creeping need Pelé. in Santos, played by 445 times, one of the most vivid.



Forget the bad performances of playmaker Flamengo at Atletico Mineiro and some in Milan, because despite having some gloss, Ronaldinho played a lot, and as from 1998 to 2008, ten incredible years that was well worth it, especially in Barcelona, where the middle is standing ovation. Was twice elected the best player in the world, this is proof that he was exceptional.

10. Leonidas da Silva


Known as the Black Diamente, Leonidas is one of the great players of our history, São Paulo and the Brazilian national team. According to the legends it was he who created the bicycle goal. He began his career in 1929 in a great team at the time, Saint Kitts and since there was acclaimed for its elasticity.



How good it was to see his videos on You Tube and see that he contributed much to the São Paulo, but it all started in Guarani and soon after went to Napoli, and where he spent Careca was top scorer, made more than 430 goals and the selection was one stamped another figurine, pity it was not the 1982 Bald Cup was striker ams could be half, fullback, wing, finally was a genius.

08. DIDI


Forget the dry leaf that Didi was magestosamente in his free kicks. Didi was genius in every sense, a companion, a real waiter of our football, knowing serve well to field companions. And if you had a free kick, he was rewarded with the goal that was 99.99% well – aimed. Botafogo and Real Madrid say that, in fact, many say that Cristiano Ronaldo is his reincarnation.



I can say that was our biggest wheel of all time, and he was a good steering wheel, those who went on the attack and made important goals in the International, Rome, Sao Paulo and in our Brazilian team. FALCÃO was a genius in the tackle and passes to his teammates socks that had the same quality was sure that would reach the goal, so was in 1982 at the World Cup, where many point it was the best selection.



<>Shorty scorer was our Romario , one of the most famous shirts 11 history, he is the favorite of Neymar . Romario was a killer, where he was kicked goal, trouncing know how anyone, so that surpassed the thousand goals in a game against Sport by Vasco. It was the best player of the 1994 World Cup that today we have in memory.



One of the most intelligent football players we had, where his play short and fast dribbling as the famous elastic left many opponents to see ships, not counting the goals that made the career more than 250. Rivelino not enshrined in many titles, even he did not win at Corinthians, but their views to a football spectacle was it worth to see the most famous mustachioed Brazil.

04. ZICO


The larger half of all time in Brazil, Zico is considered God by the Japanese and of course, by Flamengo, time that the ace number 10 played forever. His 23 – year career were few, because like always want more prevasleceu and many unfortunately did not have the opportunity to see it, as well as many of this list, but Zico was very different, I have a huge admiration for the guy. Greatest memory is the world 1981 for Flamengo against Liverpool won in Japan and made many keep quiet.



Good times that Botafogo had exceptional players and the best of all is Garrincha , the Angel of Pies Legs knew bend their opponents with stifling dribbles that made fans gagging until their rivals applauded by such technique and skill. In our selection was one of the greatest that contributed to the titles and consecrations.



He is known as the phenomenon, and must agree, because a player of many injuries and almost quit the race early due to them and still circling above, as in the 2002 World Cup is to behold. Ronaldo has not done a thousand goals but gave us more than a thousand joys, in the national team, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Corinthians, Inter Milan with his agildade in dribbles and goals killers.

01. PELÉ


The greatest of all, impossible not to consecrate it as the largest of the galaxy, a pity that Brazil does not have much respect as he has out there, Maradona for example , is God in Argentina and Pelé here everyone knows its value but take personal situations and forget the great professional he was. Its major brands was making over a thousand goals, do anthological goals, playing for selection on several occasions and be the best ever, winning three World Cups, be Bi-Mindial clubs with Santos . I believe that never has a man on earth as the talent of Pele, perhaps Messi reaches the 80% of what he did, but I do not believe in supremacy.