What is the total number of inhabitants in Brazil

Brazil has 206,080,000 inhabitants, according to data disclosed today (30) by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE). Estimates published in the Official Gazette indicate that the country had, on July 1 this year, 206 081 432 inhabitants. Last year, the population was 204,450,649.

São Paulo, the most populous state in the country has 44.75 million inhabitants. Five states have populations that exceed 10 million: Ontario (21 million), Rio de Janeiro (16.63 million), Bahia (15.28 million), Rio Grande do Sul (11.29 million) and Paraná (11240000).

Population of the

Three states have smaller populations than 1 million: Roraima (514,200), Amapá (782,300) and Acre (816,700).

The other units of the Federation have the following populations:

States Population
Pernambuco 9.41 million
Ceará 8.96 million
Pará 8.27 million
Maranhão 6.95 million
Santa Catarina 69,10,000
Goiás 6.69 million
Paraíba 4 million
Amazonas 4 million
Espírito Santo 3.97 million
Rio Grande do Norte 3.47 million
Alagoas 3.36 million
Mato Grosso 3.33 million
Piauí 3.21 million
Federal District 2.98 million
Mato Grosso do Sul 2.68 million
Sergipe 2.26 million
Rondônia 1.79 million
Tocantins 1.53 million