Where to stay in Brasilia: hotel tips

The first challenge is to understand Brasilia. Roundabouts everywhere, wide avenues, few people in completely different streets and addresses you have ever seen. After the initial shock, the Brazilian capital enchants. Watch closely the Oscar Niemeyer buildings and monuments, understand the master plan of Lúcio Costa and know places that we see every day in the news. Every Brazilian should know Brasilia. Enjoy the hotels are cheaper on weekends, and even the flights can be economic and run there. In this ar, the goal is to help you plan your trip, starting with a basic answer: how to choose where to stay in Brasilia?

Luckily, Lucio Costa made things easier for you. The sign of the cross, an airplane, and a butterfly: many have been the symbolisms used to explain the master plan, which is outlined by the road artery linking the city in the north-south direction and became known as Eixão, and the Monumental Axis, connecting the dots in the east-west direction and guard government buildings. To make things easier, see the image below, you may already know.


The Brasilia hotels are concentrated in three sectors. The first two are one facing the other and are separated by the Monumental Axis: are the South Hotel Sector (SHS) and the Northern Hotel Sector (SHN). There is also the Tourism Northern Hotel Sector, great option for those who want to stay near Lake Paranoá and the Alvorada Palace, the official residence of the Presidency.

Lodging in Brasilia: Northern Hotel Sector

You will be a 10-minute walk from the TV tower, which has a spectacular view of the Esplanade of Ministries and the National Congress. That will not be far away, although the walk there is greater: three kilometers. The National Stadium is at the other end, a 20-minute walk from the hotel. Shopping Conjunto Nacional is also there, a few meters from the Hotel Sector North.

The  Manhattan Plaza is one of the best-evaluated options SHN, praised by the location and the cost/benefit ratio. Cataloged in Booking with five stars, the Cullinan H-plus Premium has in double rooms for R$360 per day. Already  Bittar Inn is a more economical choice in the NHS, but also with the good evaluation. 

Because of the proximity to all government buildings in the federal capital, it is difficult to find cheap accommodation in this part of Brasilia. An alternative is to stay in  Apart Hotel. The State tour and  SMT Brasilia are two good options.

Where to stay in Brasilia: Hotel Sector South

As I said before, only the Monumental Axis separates the SHN. The problem is that we are talking about an avenue that has been cataloged as the widest in the world and every sense of the road is separated by a huge lawn, the width of the Congress.

That said, keep in mind that getting the SHS you will also be near the TV tower (and the fair that takes place there). The distance to the Esplanade of Ministries and the Three Powers Square remains the same. If something changes are the distance to the City Park, which is glued to the SHS. The Booking has fewer hotel options in this area, but prices remain the same track.

The Melia Brazil 21 is one of the best options in SHS, being praised for location and comfort. Another good alternative in the same area is the St Paul Plaza Hotel. 

The North Tourism Hotels Sector

The third Brasilia tourism sector is far from the Monumental Axis and the Ministries, but close to other attractions of the federal capital: Lake Paranoá and the Alvorada Palace. The advantage is to be in a quiet and beautiful area, but you need to be a car to move to the area of the Monumental Axis – in fact, renting a car makes and the trip Brasilia.

In SHTN, especially the  Brasilia Palace Hotel, located in front of the lake and glued to the Alvorada Palace. The  Golden Tulip Brasilia Alvorada is also highly praised, while the rooms are more expensive. Finally, a slightly cheaper option in this area is the  Hotel The Sun.

Cheap accommodation in Brasilia

Can you spend a lot less to stay in Brasilia? Only search for hotels in distant sectors listed above. You lose in location but saves the day. If driving may be worth. There are many hotels, hostels, and even hostels along the W3, an avenue that is in the master plan and is divided into South W3 and W3 North, like the wing of the city.

The Private Suite in Lovely House is one of those options – is not on the W3, W4 but next to City Park. In the same area is the Bed & Breakfast SpaçoZen Ali, a well – rated hostel. And in South W3 are the  Inn A-23, the  Pousada Doce Lar, and  Pousada Trip Brasília.